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  • 00:00: welcome you to Online thread Club today like share with you experience the turned , I sought different ways knitting sponges have washcloths from ordinary chelochkoy that all
  • 00:31: enjoyed only that it very closely linked frazzles He loves a gift after getting washcloths harm mochalochkoy He called Brazilian channels taught them very the Brazilian carnival and in general as a gift More love to get large sponges woman is asking tie the edge
  • 01:02: washcloth so I I want to show today how to make ordinary round washcloth so she It should ideally be such a round plump nowhere curled ruchechki massazhik if you can turn the make cellulite body massage a complicated thing small pleasant gift yet not
  • 01:32: enjoy because that very remind chrysanthemum beautiful Chrysanthemums are very pleased It is just the beginning just grains and can be linked mochalochku rays of three or four five or six, and those youths that fit instantly right there and only in the corner added loop here that is it can not much round tie here
  • 02:03: as it is on a little rays can be 1 color you can add color to let it mochalochka not very but well-beams adding More sing and the desired therefore this not a little rovnenko and the use too aligned the frame and
  • 02:33: will remain beautiful very beautiful from what we do washcloths twine you farm shop sold or hook and whether or not we twisted buy is not twisted twine or talking we need to split knitting sponges thread rovnenko any color how would we want as like all colors all beautiful all
  • 03:03: I want to buy the last time such colors firstly as a tally like knitted loops I tried a few methods and textbooks I am looking at different book someone It offers on line were to be wound rock ki then loops I offer here here postpone forward Eventually
  • 03:35: It revealed that aerial work peasant shores as they are all our local needlewoman much easier and more efficient for knitting match he sensor is how things are done loop for washcloths worker thread capture three fingers but give me finger wound not . twice we introduce the hook
  • 04:08: previous row grab and run wants the product and again grab working thread and rule out - evening someone again try grab the thread twice we wind This worker thread grab
  • 04:38: both strands knit Black us student It turned out to sing more once the question boy reeled previous row 1 spruce hook Seizure of both strands yes because working Thread radiation we turn out beautiful
  • 05:09: mochalochka all scores smooth neatly the product is not strong stretched practically rallies sense not drawn on strongly again mahr not very thick It gets the start