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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear my viewers subscribers today bake honey cookies will be delicious friable in time for tea is very fit and prepared very fast let's take for cookies glass of flour
  • 00:33: measured here a teaspoonful disintegrant and sift also add a pinch salt from agro we move around 70 grams of butter she weighed her earring I will do this in blender can also be cold oil on a large amount of grater koi
  • 01:03: dip butter flour and rub on a grater I 'm generally in what's there a business baby is ready now crumbs add two tablespoons powdered sugar one tablespoon honey not gudkov add the yolk to me small
  • 01:34: 2 from a large rail one knead the dough the dough well mixed up light so smooth slides well into A ball if at whom it is not enough Do what kind of flour suddenly at a dry dough dryish still in the balloon is not glued add a little sour cream a teaspoon of sweat
  • 02:05: still look at must pay everything type of dough elastic smoothly and for half an hour send fridge in a bag and in the fridge it was half an hour before tables and facilities we will roll out this form can be any do it cookies any molds so you can use any cut or
  • 02:36: wheel with curly cut edges roll out the dough about half a centimeter thick love the ceiling cookies can put out well, I such unrolled mold, and he was on flour flour and carve cookies and stack on the ford and then I
  • 03:06: show him put the cookie on baking tray paper-covered baker's not grease as fatty dough twenty four things happened I'm sending to the oven 200 degrees minutes to 15 We take a moment to not burnt browned. 15 minutes have passed our cookies let cools it should grapple
  • 03:36: necessarily down up let it cool down hot soft panes can break try on crumbling avenging here is the mind for cookies on the fault it is such yellow light brown it Well, honey is so it would be white so this is what
  • 04:06: Cookies Cookies ready very tasty cook with me use mine recipes, go to my channel is prepared with I see new videos and up to new meetings and all to you good luck and good luck in cooking