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Master class of Elena Tishchenko. Italian zagibka. Part 15.1.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today hit growing collection zagibok and study Italian Bending for a long time I'm in love creativity Mary parfait nick in the country Masters is maria Kaliningrad and 13 year laid his
  • 00:30: zakladochki it lovely photo Master Class execution of this turning-Italian finally reached the hands and always Maria thank you very thank you very Explanatory workshop on it was easy I will learn I will give a reference on Profile Masha has a lot to learn and In addition to this turning-in here's a big thank you but once again we
  • 01:00: We replenish our video This collection of The girl is very it seemed to me We began the complex and it is Generally that is difficult but I think it should examine try to fill hand on her at first times I have at least the event did not happen I know that there talented artist and who are well it turns right this is for the girl on both of which need to work and work out exactly how to your vision and your
  • 01:31: skills of its but execution the result here is how I It seems worth Bending it, I'll show an example Lords but it performed in their very good looks and products ordinary archer basket, too, when I it once I tried and when I have it from the second really for I have not got able to stop and I honestly I want it turit
  • 02:01: everywhere I look like you very much also recommend something that is certainly no deficiencies mung managed well These cover Now cover ie tips look like craftswoman with this copes and how general, as I have it It turns and so weave at first I show version
  • 02:32: turning-and-color then another fantasize on the topic this Italian for flexible in terms of color first I took Dad plastic workpiece I have already visited so the colors little shed at I think for master class for skills is unprincipled so I decided nevertheless classic version show this saga drums on this at this full then even longer It is most important
  • 03:04: moments that said knife I want it is convenient to repeat this bend to perform then the product when the distance between the posts increases here at but in this regard, ideal for some reason because here we pletom 24 I end and by the time we wove a frame 4 cm stand our
  • 03:35: sufficiently dispersed for this turning-it Unlike convenient weaving seems to have weaving loose here This is playing into the hands why because we can in loose weaving in a rather loose deep into the deep insert a tube when we do this turning-on then the product inserting tubes you can drop slightly glue to both inland rivers wave here you can
  • 04:05: do without it Then loose weave tubes come pretty deep and so the three to stand three consecutive racks exhibit four tubes have they drawn well even without a special on 4 additional the longer the tube will be the tube the smaller increase additional
  • 04:38: ducts for turning-in pasted on very important point moisture in general is they already have trained tubes are so moist but execution all drives Moisturizing again including small stands invested Now take a strand we insert 4 additional tubes small stands reserve and start just such a movement
  • 05:10: We start from yourself twist at the same time grab rack the following strands Genia can be softer and more twirl it in the the strand neatly here due to the fact that We stand and additional tube wet it turns out here such Here's how to like so said compact
  • 05:41: strand so she neat and we get the strand twist or plant for two following and hide to 2 for the third we use here clothespin so that in We do not ever I slipped Moisturizing following 54 additionally
  • 06:14: inserted tube and grab small stands next to also went out clothespin here already prevents Once again I forgiveness for violet strange color of my foundation outside it visited quite we accidentally wait at pay attention to the light on for home home Bending
  • 06:45: and so on 2 and brought over third consolidated You know again Moisturizing and again the same exposure twist see three
  • 07:19: strands have vyrisovalas more see we are short small stands turned our Here's a tail we remove the inside which means it We do not need work only additionally inserted tube then it I gather and take again the following stand rack the work is as follows here. for which we
  • 07:52: hid refineries before two of March 1 clothespin to fix the same most of the tail previous stand remove from work and twist we catch next rack remove the stack of food on 2
  • 08:23: before 3 and we catch farther lga a rhythm of 1 so here's interesting point It begins the first two
  • 08:53: times this Bending I did not like not work that's it due date of building ducts we firmly deform here you tube so you can see if we increase traditional way yes of course something that can be cut This is all sticking but got out rolls not me I liked this the result I became think how can done differently and offer such The method generally you but you can choose and to try and
  • 09:24: and to choose himself best friends just see what else to one round I have tubes in general, these should enough but then We have to build just four so I divide them into 2 groups it is removed from the work here's the hole from whence come these tube I add two more long it then you You understand and circumcised continue to work just as if would I were the
  • 09:54: I work four ace twists grab next rack very moisturizing It helps again prihvatyvaya prischepochka same same here I add 2 more added is not easy wrote then simmer
  • 10:26: Bernadette is the way here and where our next Stand here it is, we it I picked up curl like So
  • 10:57: I eat well, and the same with third when longer tubes in this turning-in Of course it is more convenient use long tube that this is Hedgehog's and well as he rarely we see here so that's not building then here some time so most of extension long select 1 2 4 Our next rack
  • 11:27: inside the prepared to begin Now even more show little planets increase Now look at the 2 we have already built up We have been left also add two more all January
  • 12:00: his short leave long Do not be discouraged first time not get well, yes Bending very peculiar to very beautiful beautiful but requires specific skills the first time can be a first time and Twist not go that some grass further until
  • 12:30: you will understand accommodate stick will generally it is served Taming of the result I am happy, and so on We continue ie as needed capacity then building up All this under our glue when will be primed and Now you can cut off the will even tint and when will hang to spike so he could here of wood can be well disguised
  • 13:00: but much work easier though a departure tubules course It is greater in this case here namely in terms of when a turning-in but it is still the nerves goals and say so because when you We built up a tube and then start twist it was de very unpleasant and so we continue to the end of We reach the end series, we have three strand they end up here
  • 13:31: as the first strand laid before the first lay here She has a second Kozhin We threaded through a strand in first petelechku third hides prodenem right here at the second loop of the beginning so laid a second first laid laid the second curl need it
  • 14:01: To pass over here except I have not become to grow late We have laid penultimate hello all slightly so I look not enough naturally enough we must of course it is a pity corpses
  • 14:31: how to make the internet Now we cut off the same long of the remaining lest speak duct say so add here our last before 1 We have exciting
  • 15:05: The latter is true our first the old man You see here that we leave grab spinning and is threaded into the second loop here a little not very pleasant general personal especially difficult too, even without spokes and petelechku
  • 15:35: We prepared without spokes corrected Well, here, too, greedy little and then start penultimate at 1 hide but all that's on this first glance to the second also in general that they do not see view pretty unpresentable yet so stick everywhere the wood with handle it
  • 16:06: now gruntuem it well with water We hide here Of course I have and more very important point You hide and water then cut as when dry one of its full I She left for the night and then dried firewood hide much more difficult and therefore gruntuem leave for an hour It may be one What's the humidity
  • 16:36: then in the wet form neatly pruned wood first this hand close them already have time for an hour grab adhesive can safely closely cropped and priplyuskivaem priplyuskivaem fingers to hide So we hide other's leftovers So priplyuskivaem flatten our Bend point each so way hide all firewood in the end you get these balances virtually
  • 17:07: not here we see the same most do and reverse side are not will have to train here because Chemistry has played a some dependence color or in my purple frames not already been visited acquired a very it is clear that is not will need more I think work that patina I ask here The situation is so traditional option
  • 17:37: Italian Bending Now a little bit about colors