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preparation of a biscuit.

preparation of a biscuit.  See details »

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  • 00:00: I will show you how I do cake for this I It needs 5 eggs 130 grams of sugar flour 170 170 1 gram packet of vanillin salt and salt we need is only one schepotochku what I was doing at first first Division I eggs
  • 00:30: in no case it is impossible to yolk I fell into proteins because the yolk It gives the protein good to rise from the sugar I take 2 from the table
  • 01:06: overall of the total weight of sugar I take 2 tablespoons spoon they give us need for proteins, and the rest weight pour into the egg yolks and I put a beating We are trying to drive
  • 01:38: to almost white lush mass of I disappear veins prepare form We walked 25 centimeters each whom I have so here and so signed for comfort here are like
  • 02:08: I make closed country and ready
  • 02:46: most had nothing no grease is not finished for biscuits lubricate the edge of the impossible why because child baking lifted python catch at the edge if you will be lubricate sure that just going to wander and he will have settle and I will add even vanilla sugar 1 packet of vanilla Sahara a small oven
  • 03:21: biscuit leaving already in the heat and stove I petite but I Assistant very heated be embers of their if you are So you see what we mass is obtained is such a weight we
  • 03:56: I now get I will shake up proteins one schepotochku salt three full
  • 04:34: speed, beat our squirrel trail and little this to take all at once sugar portion of precipitating why because proteins what It manages all at once
  • 05:05: melted and drink and baking it is just a test is ok so here we have
  • 06:13: I turned the air and now what we're doing we add here Our whipped yolks and flour flour necessary
  • 06:56: necessarily sift cake so she It gives lightness top and now well Intermedia it to them whisk Stir well to
  • 07:53: the entire protein we mingled with this Yolk weight flour weight can be and about the same to interfere shovel is such weight we
  • 08:30: I turned and now I I take it and spread in our prepared trigger I do seredinochke
  • 09:21: little indentation thus biscuit will not hats and now I put a preheated 160 degree oven about 30-40 minutes must always be first, what's the
  • 09:51: I turned first it will deliver the form and Now I eat here so here I have nail file with 3 blades sometimes I 2 and tidy but in reality
  • 10:22: very good immediately cakes cut into 3 shortcake one two three and even four the most important thing to You were in the blade one position if you have at least one blade It will be a little bit elevated or you immediately lowered the skins will Now such uneven here movements it is necessary to keep the right and here we have turned
  • 11:05: Here's a biscuit look at what It has the structure beautiful type of account