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Exercises for treatment of hernias and protrusions of a disk in a neck - YouTube

Exercises for treatment of hernias and protrusions of a disk in a neck - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Dear friends Hello, I am pleased welcome to youtube channel All who are interested the body and the natural Healthy start Let me introduce I Sergey Makeev doctor professional chiropractor and for many years of doing different ways natural recovery the body last years, but developed It was a special complex recovery that the spine He called gymnastics
  • 00:30: Makeyev yoga household movement and now Many people from different cities of our country and even from other countries and already receiving results and the only issues who ask me this is how to do it or other exercise because I published Gymnastics book but one thing read both business look like this is done so on numerous request on the channel at
  • 01:00: this channel I show an exercise show different systems for or improvement of the other departments spine Well, start start Our transfer to the very important threads rehabilitation of the cervical spine that is the problem teach you how to cope with pain that has already It appeared as do so that the pain and He never appeared simple enough
  • 01:30: and the complex was designed Based on more than 30 years extra practice manual therapist at based on a large quantity different training in various schools and as a result his task as simply a minimum the amount of time and efforts to get maximum and as a result practice has shown for normal correction recovery
  • 02:00: cervical spine spine is just run There are 3 basic Exercises me so I have them I'm you and I show and the challenge not just do it It takes a long time now just attentively You see perform they can be like sitting as a stand alone be mentally it is in running spine area Now that all speech neck, why am I so especially important in
  • 02:31: recent years because Well, that all is fine you-know-what office work became dominant for residents of cities and even when they come from the work we have most its not going to the street walk there chop wood and so on and We sit down at the computer and result neck overloaded department so just now These exercises exactly and are correction for our today life they are easy ie
  • 03:01: remember gymnastics It called second Yoga household name movements so we perform those movements that most characteristic of the joints therefore neck which are the characteristic movements it tilts forward back and forth so tilt and side to one side to another and turns into one side or the other but do they have to be in a certain way
  • 03:32: that is all gymnastics done First we thought should be our Zoom works not has a neck in the second case exercises so with breathing and make them most stress that is, we do not just bend and unbend neck we are doing this as if we need something hinders as if we overcome resistance and so let's start over first exercise direct first slopes
  • 04:02: Inhale and voltage unbend neck retention and exhalation with voltage bend neck like us something It hinders like something very resists us or as if we We are doing very dense thick medium 5 times repeated 3 large number of Now this is not necessary amount is enough just for testing
  • 04:32: zone that is repeat breathe again unbend and delay exhale bend breath delay unbend betray first bend exercise direct the slope and the second exercise side
  • 05:02: tilts making those the same principles one way inhalation voltage delay the other side of the exhalation tensely delays start right breath delay exhale breath delay delay exhalation
  • 05:34: delay, and again breath delay otter After each delay exercise can a bit of balance a little bit as well neck to play extra voltage dreamed that the neck It is balanced and now we go to The third exercise this turn and also completely natural movement our
  • 06:04: neck so now first turn head to the right to voltage on inspiration delay and then the other side who start Delay and outstanding breath delay retention and exhalation delay
  • 06:38: and balanced show So how Experience shows here these three simple available exercises you can do anywhere even at home go to work and you need a lot of time will it now I will until full Copley Hall complex desheli it took only few minutes and important degree of voltage you gradually able to and increase the volume of movement that is not you should immediately try turn 180 Stella's degrees he bite to your
  • 07:09: today but to attach gradually this one limit is increase you will it pleases because it will increase naturally mobility and this neck will become stronger reason because here his muscles work muscles against their ie muscle antagonists works against each other and here we include the work of so-called become short muscles that are about between individual a backbone of Komi is they strengthened 6
  • 07:39: becomes stable moving You beautiful swan neck which we can turn your head anywhere without any problems work long computer so I suggest make important do without self nothing works will happen do every day and if you feel some pain which is discomfort and there numbness in the hands but Do this for two three times a day are
  • 08:10: complexes But again I repeat many do not need it 35 time enough for one approach I will I wish all health look at the channel youtube various practice recovery which I I will be happy with you share and to next meeting