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How to send a card to the friend it is free in schoolmates - YouTube  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello dear users of the site Now classmates I'll show you how easy it is and send a free postcard pictured We find another start code group from pictures or skoda postcards click on photo choose the right
  • 00:35: card which you like example of this Under the picture is the code we are now we will send click on it here it is full, we should copy copy
  • 01:08: further we go through mobile version classmates m. welcome discussion choose a photo to a friend we click comment paste the code
  • 01:42: It is only just Add a comment here is the picture so you made sure I I update the page on ordinary in schoolmates I click on the discussion and I show you the same the picture on the same photos that I sent here's a picture here we
  • 02:20: and comment see untwisting Here is my card each user will see it all very easy that I wanted to clarify through common reservists version it is not necessary to send code because it can the code simply appear and the picture does not appear
  • 02:50: do not print well you can not send messages cat only discussion What can happen is same thing and something else Why chose this group because in it the code image leans to the picture itself that will appear after shipment
  • 03:20: other groups such not doing so you just here you need to click on the album selected the desired picture copy the code send it through mobile version Now I Lead by example other groups seeing not only
  • 03:55: codes but also any so the code is different have to look pretty long but even if you find a cat is unfortunately a it is not a picture and you have just at random to find out that I
  • 04:25: for the picture here Only signed with mother's day new code Hello and code I went and more nothing There are no images Only this description very little that the same
  • 04:56: Join now group inserts place to find huskies all thanks to goodbye