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We decorate with an egg craquelure and a decoupage the PLASTIC JAR - we do a casket.  See details »



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  • 00:00: Welcome to our family channel, where you can see if possible from you a hand to do house is interesting beautiful exclusive things which can even serve present This video focuses on how Here you can change the pot perfumed cream Oriflame Most women I know what it is Maybe they just used. Of course it is possible and pour jar
  • 00:30: just Once you popolzovavshis but You can make it what it storage system. you can fill what the buttons, beads jewelry, for example, and store. but plastic It is cheap material, it is not beautiful, and zateraetsya she scratched so the better thing to decorate. Today I offer pasted her egg
  • 01:01: cap, ink, make decoupage Eggshell, she This does best paint adhesion to surface. paint stick and plastic, but when inaccurate use can still wear out. And on eggshells, it is proved, it is very well kept To do this, you must naturally good Wash cream Because he's fat and
  • 01:31: This will add badly Apply PVA glue and put eggshells those who I have It is clear that what is at stake. It is possible to glue applicable in such a way but you can brush All you need to paste over the surface egg-shell after you pasted, let it dry
  • 02:20: Then you can continue working The next step to apply 2-3 coats white acrylic paint. This will be the backdrop for decoupage and strengthen the track. the next step is coloring
  • 04:56: the color you want Now, details remain
  • 05:38: Paint on some points, making shadows and I want to decorate a golden color take advantage of or pastel shades for the eyes Now there is a clearly visible texture of the egg
  • 06:24: You can use green color Now you can take
  • 06:57: gold acrylic adorned with a little casket I think it is not always used just on the edge final the last part of this
  • 08:32: cover acrylic lacquer ware well, you can imagine that this gives coffin Let's look passing Acrylic paint can take a matte or glossy Only in emergency multiple layers one wants enough You have thin layers cover and let each dry
  • 09:11: Well our chest dried up But this can fill the personal treasures In her work I thought Of course if it was not children and pets duties, and it may be faster to do. If you like, I issued this jar of cream, Please print your fingertips leave a comment below the video
  • 09:41: I would be very grateful At the end of the video I leave also links to other videos you can go and see what I made out of cardboard and other video. or you can go to the home page our channel and choose something you enjoy. Subscribe to our channel family!