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The ends of a slanting inlay — Yandex. Video  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear fans the inhabitants of one of the my subscribers channel asks what to do with the end scythe Bakey today I I want to answer this question, let consider this Training sample here bias binding processed armhole product and then sewn side seam here and there gone the ends of the oblique Bakey here with twisted side seams in the last queue then will treated
  • 00:30: separately in the slice back cut before and It will do razutyuzhku seams edge you can attach dot oblique Bakey and It can be treated immediately thread 4 overlock stitching and then the seam allowances get here width overlock line can be How to deploy a single side call minute dinner and also dot is attached so that's
  • 01:00: not be attached because the seam rather narrow and Here's another option processing oblique inlay with wrapped take a forward area Bakey and cut diagonally fold cut off for that when we zavernom edge edges are not peeping because of the oblique Bakey's inside they are there together come together, and was not on the
  • 01:31: Now peeps I am taking a flap determining that here I obverse Here for example I facing away allowance and I put on the front side oblique Bakey then wrap molochki we can joined together and then wrap and here in the oblique Bakey this state necessarily need hand all
  • 02:02: attach the hand stitches before you will be this oblique Bakey stitched by typewritten this way across a then tack the entire oblique Bakey when all the baste oblique Bakey and can and Now stitched on Here is the front edge side but is Wrong side after all, the tips are gone and I can not see them now let's try
  • 02:34: do as a loop This training samples I stitched slash Bakey and now another side we turning loop first you need to do loop and see as we need Well this tip for example, I decided that I've been such a loop it will be enough of course it will be depend on the size I remember I folded loop
  • 03:05: I have measured and determined that was enough for me, and behold so should be the tip of which will return for the allowance and there may be two options be here stitched so I I saw factory products spent on edge here and there is such a It makes hard times and
  • 03:35: you can sew gently by hand usually this side too otstrachivaem and is attached here this very then you need to take them bun and neatly all this to sew machining allowance let's see how I pinned this product this loop you see here simply attached machining allowance and here He pulled back to the edge and
  • 04:06: thus the loop and finally held the most complicated case when you have process round neck such as it has no joints and have connecting a trailing itself Bakey well, for example, we weld make the center in back here the back center I will soon you need to put labels where I will be joining
  • 04:36: I previously Baste oblique Bakey He looked as I need it know and the seam will be here so I disappearing in pencil painted set label inaction already ticking I will grind Just not diagonally and directly before grind it I Smetana hand stitched neatly stitched for To behold these
  • 05:07: Out of the corner is not moved when will it sew on the sewing car first hand and then there'll connect also near the same and stitching or straight For this Basting line even make line on the sewing the car is the most important to connect Bakey on edge here that I did now and Now you can scribble
  • 05:37: note knot in my far up to then easily remove and could line now postrochu it on sewing machine I stitched on the machine is now I am leaving a small tips and will also thing that the previous version srezhu little fold obliquely
  • 06:09: here and here tips australis then they were under oblique Bakey hide and it is in this form I We need to tack Now here is razutyuzhku seams rather allowances scythe Bakey about delay when you the ends trimmed You can easily fill it inside
  • 06:40: look always with seamy side that was too threaded and example let the same thing this side of rule, and then baste if there's even the tip peeps need more just tack it
  • 07:11: because he does not should look out when we stitched all so I prepared slash Bakey Now I sew stitched Here are tips tucking gun mol and glasses and can take a long lugs to
  • 07:42: both ends at once fill and send inwards towards bias binding with the the parties will also most all of the edges I send into the oblique Bakey and get here so neat scorm lenovo edge processing Becky can decree remain free the ends of the strings in such a always come just as before mixing again at cut the tax for We wrap so here is a clean edge
  • 08:14: then turned tack it all and then sew caste Bakey fully here such simple tricks who actually improve the look of your all good works until the next meeting