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  • 00:00: hi everyone flies create a lot of problems in the house they certainly do not bite people on are carriers different malicious we microorganisms offer harmless but very effective method that will help get rid of the flies Unlike home store means it It is not harmful how and for for flies people to get rid of the flies do not You need a lot of costs
  • 00:30: time you need transparent plastic bag 4 Coin optional water and the rope way to utilization fill package half water Go to Coin tie bag rope and 200 the right place if the door to the house in the summer often open the It can be hung directly in front and you can on the balcony hang up and keep window open many people who We tried out this method
  • 01:00: say that he It operates some believe the water in the bag It reflects light and It resembles cobwebs which flies trying to to avoid and resemble coins flies other predators They believe that flying passing packets with water flies sees room space very distorted way they have complicated unusual structure bodies of distortion movements that create a reflection Water repels flies and they leave
  • 01:30: scientific premises explanation for this the fact is no take note This method of disposal of them could use in many countries the world it is safe and does not It requires more cost share with friends of information on how get rid of the flies I wish all of you good luck bye Bye