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  • 00:00: Good day today We will make salad beans fall all farmers and Truckers it is one hundred percent there is a crop of beans and that with her to do well, Put the soup and march is many it and I I offer Sonata in G and it was delicious to you like you it will do for lettuce necessary
  • 00:32: here I have boiled beans half somewhere egg cups boiled carrots and bow bow crude pickled cucumbers I see their juice go salt and juice marinated such acuity have not salt should be here well, mayonnaise all will Cut hour so proceed beans just behind the man
  • 01:02: listed down more I do carrots hooks this is I have such mesh have mechanize
  • 01:32: process especially pulse this vinaigrette I mesh Burst all you they have yet to be equally rovnenko cut case Bow small cubes
  • 02:16: Onion who want more I did not lay down lozhite really I love now to be leave all this
  • 02:46: salad than good delicious and always on hand these ingredients not complicated and here is the salty which good crispy to rarely I have scars here
  • 03:28: somewhere 45 cucumbers but I do not have small utretsa darling larger to Vova less crap and and the main thing that solenenkie they best abstract will give marinated and how to tell you to taste milder because very fresh beans carrot too, and it will give Now taste good no prince
  • 04:09: that's all around
  • 04:41: Now mayonnaise Mayonnaise can not May 1 take or mayonnaise with sour cream as someone who loves soft sell
  • 05:17: You can give a louder try delicious salad ready eat, use my recipes Bon Appetit