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Summer jacket spokes (continuation 3)

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  • 00:00: and so in the end I'm all this dissolved to the end how did you start showed the beginning stitch this one option of course to me liked more here I'm here today I made a lot of copies here just a couple of singing i I do not like a couple of pieces seven eight look how neatly not even there is no seam with this side is how
  • 00:32: looks that is nothing at all I can see in general pretty super here and I sew the first once I tried I tried to knit imagine a snore from somebody and 1 lookresses watched like everything understood sort of like I'm not from like it is said and stupid people but in the end like me I did not sew very well there I liked it already I do not remember the master frankly that's
  • 01:02: when looking for just typed knitting stitch and the first thing that happened me girl by the way the first time it I look from falling on she is there recounts popular natalia babakova like yes she tells already on separate it connects two
  • 01:33: individual canvases pattern on a special shows the scheme schemes all by patch got hit something she teaches how sew and there really so everything understandable on nan steamed siva and yes and sews a thread and I because I have a very such a thread with he was ordered by a fat she has a good thread everything keeps its shape and I'm very fastidious and even from the parsed her chooser not she will run away
  • 02:03: so I'm on needles stitching here I am left her I leave 3 4 loops so that not not get confused get lost in some the father enters the loop let me show now how can it find this the girl who's there explains natalia more once again ba-ba-ba-ba anyone laterally sorry that may be wrongly called see how she is explains so I have now thread
  • 02:37: at the top of this I already stitched a and again in it I enter that's how I gear second thread now at the top in previous gearing second thread I need a little loop
  • 03:08: again previous new again upstairs previous new previous new
  • 03:38: previous new see straight I'm first once sat down so to stitch stitches very quickly easily convenient and really There is no seam can be seen for my now my now
  • 04:09: products are generally super big say live the century learn so many years I I see such an option stitching, I try first time in ecstasy and so again I will repeat here is the previous
  • 04:40: already sewn a new loop to the previous a new if I have something for you I do not understand Directly dialed the first in Polish in the search engine knitting stitch and popped up and video do not show more
  • 05:16: I'll be here like everything it is clear that to me so uncomfortable is I quickly see the stones with the camera is uncomfortable it hinders a little I have to incline inconveniently now I'll clean it up I'll leave the knitting needle on knitting needles like I do when you
  • 05:47: began to shoot Video was shown on needles 4 there 5 at me steel hinges I will show that on your my eyes also have we got so leave him here leave here like this and here
  • 06:22: like this and see what we have with you it turned out generally super perfect this despite the fact that
  • 06:54: I shemka pattern etc. that is , the figure is see me like cool so that's it. so to the end such we have with you shoulder sheep which generally unnoticed if I would not know until where I am
  • 07:24: stitching yes cool super all continue on also and so I'm stitching now sutures of the shoulders oil sewed here sewing side seams I started from the sleeve that's the way it went on lateral to this seam between the back and
  • 07:54: front and a little just show how I here I sew this I get here so still certainly not steamed seam is not we boil here the facial more smooth surface yes so I'm stitching here so this side between this
  • 08:24: loop and this I enter the loop in this thread that I have that's where accordingly, I go that's it like this Here so in rebrov it I now come with this hand now all this
  • 09:09: and so in this way I I sew this sweaters I spoke always in all its video that I to each I select my yarn every yarn approach at me differently I stitch seams in different ways I do some throats I type
  • 09:40: or sew, that is everywhere depending from the yarn here the game so so she tender so she I do not even want to no rude ones are not seams mini so that she invisible seemed who likes to knit on circular knitting needles of course you can knit in a circle I tried raglan a long time ago
  • 10:14: really need try not to know baby try bind while she still the little one is in front convexity and no I imagine myself somehow tried for a long time not I know maybe me not a good thing turned out I do not like that pulls the same with of both sides back on the back here it's going away throats to there us back to me it was uncomfortable in such clothes like that such a jacket and I think that
  • 10:44: 2-3 times the case and I do not know Of course I can be somehow knitted unsuccessfully I do not know I should try it that's more I love knit separately parts to 1 front of me It was a little more all the same we have a female figure in front it turns out more
  • 11:15: we need not to close-fitting back if this envisaged blouse free breed yes then I'm total there on 6 8 loops greater than about doing back if this is fitting such silhouette such force and yes I should be blouses of course somehow when where the chest there is a drawing with
  • 11:46: increase some picking up somehow I I do not like the individual know let it not you longer but the jacket looks auto blouse blouse summer jacket winter looks all still elegant or something least me it is more comfortable in it in such a things I love when thing directly from the village she
  • 12:17: and to me if to me Somewhere Something pulls under me uncomfortable is I love to wear neither even such things I have it turns out yes I can link but not I like the thing to me uncomfortable in it like me under myself and selected there are setbacks so I'm more I will not show that's what I have this is how I'm stitching here
  • 12:51: the second is sewn here at what happened to me now we will be with you you can type on circular knitting needles I will hose these are the strings take off and loop shoot with strings on needles for socks Here and we will knit so same as here
  • 13:21: rubber two by two