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  • 00:00: good afternoon mine favorite viewers today we will do Here is such a bracelet I do not even know how he is called but to me he likes his weaving that is we you can come under any clothes here there are all colors you can them combine both but for this we need contrasting rubber bands very simply I will show today how you
  • 00:30: trespasses and I think that very much an interesting lesson for children for adults and time is pastime let's get started lately I was carried away by weaving market buying from me their huge quantity and now we'll weave bracelet on hand but so pretty volume four-layered and very beautiful very
  • 01:00: effectively look at hand and we will together with help since I have there is no device that I did what I did such here named devices are two forks fixed them with help with a bunch of flaunts from a bracelet it's quite simple and we need elastic bands contrasting colors here I have it sufficient number of different flowers and I'll show you how quickly it's easy trespasses first of all we take elastic and put on
  • 01:31: our tree is like this way to was formed formed as it were the letter x now dress four gum will first be seem a little complicated trust me nothing in This is not a difficult one and you immediately
  • 02:01: first time all this you will understand four gum is here is burned her you do not forget now the first gum we shifting here can be used of course this one thing but it's easier for me
  • 02:34: somehow so shifted now take another an elastic band colors of transparent and put it down here now we dress rubber bands of a different color to do beautiful here beautiful bracelet we need contrast gums flowers that they were
  • 03:04: different colors dress up again four elastic wanted to and now with another hand clothes yet one transparent gum she can do you have a different color just do not forget that she was ponies at the bottom of all these rubber bands in both sides we have gum now
  • 03:37: dress four more rubber bands of a different color and now begins weave can be use as I do I repeat already no, but it's more convenient for me squeeze this one the lowest and start shooting
  • 04:08: remove the first color 1 I on the other hand then the same clamp here this and I shoot everything now the main thread which we first did also take pictures and in its place
  • 04:41: put on another too down now to us again four take the gauntlets another color to not get confused with the first time before can until it seems so difficult but not something complex at all No, but after how they dressed
  • 05:12: push the main and we remove the lowest a number of sides the same side fastened to me more convenient do it with tips fingers and that rubber band which is the first also removed and its place we send as only sent
  • 05:47: a new as i put this gum because of what color are you wearing? will I have transparent dress also four elastics another color when the bracelet
  • 06:17: will achieve the love you you need to do connection so that she also looked like here for this we no how did we shoot and shoot immediately 2 this leaves the kranik You will have another Colour of
  • 06:47: remove the main as the same with hand wash Now we need these two move to here this one on this denticle and it is too
  • 07:18: same with hand countries are now dressing on that denticles we have is red gum basic letters and Now we need them take off on her
  • 07:49: the main same with another hand and now we have such a stick then there is a zipper on we are losing her here is what the cam swirled around