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  • 00:00: Hello today we will knit with you Here are some squares for this we need a hook i took the key hook 5 millimeters and me there are remnants of thread this line, I shook them but such are the glomeruli four by four each bundle that there were all strings equally if you have there are no remnants of a
  • 00:30: the main thing that were not identical in thickness if you have thick threads and thin then thin it is advisable to wind in several additions make sure that all threads are about the same size squares can be multicolored like here I have these here either I will show the same color how to knit colorful squares let's say let's take red is wrong as we and they have less Total
  • 01:00: if you look at squares the more square next need more thread therefore axis we have a little bit we take the thread Red I deliberately wound up so that they are not confused do a sliding
  • 01:30: loop and in this loop we need to tie 8 columns without a crochet two bars per each side square on a tiny bit tighten the loop
  • 02:02: so that this tail We did not run away six seven and eight tighten
  • 02:39: sliding loop connect the resulting circle connective eyelet big tight dragged on and that's it
  • 03:10: now we can take a thread of a different color this we leave maybe another row we will knit now we take let's say blue uneven end then all these strings that have
  • 03:53: We will be with the wrong side in on a smaller crochet the size of the hide now we knit donate but loop We can tie up and now we knit 2 Column 1 and 2 now 3 air
  • 04:28: loops 1 2 3 next loop we have 3 loops for corner 125 3 air hinges 123 next column without cape tied 1 row of 1 video
  • 05:01: We have already formed two corners and 22 post 3 more air loops 123 that is, we are in the first do not skip row 1 loop again 2 22 a column without a crochet 1 and 2 and 3 air loops
  • 05:33: 123 we all already got hold of bind connect not a loop of 1 row of us ready we turned out square now we we can change copper
  • 06:04: take him for granted let's take green one air loop and then we knit we already have will be on each side two column more so pull up strings
  • 06:34: that is, on one we will have four bars without cape it is inconvenient that draw strings 12 now you are alone
  • 07:16: we bind the column here in this archo of 3 air loops now 3 air loops again in the same we are tying an arch column without crochet and then again we knit on this side of us should be again 4
  • 07:46: a column without a crochet 1 and 4 we knit aruchku 3 more air
  • 08:19: loops again in the same arch column without and again on this we will have also 4 bars it will already be us 2 and 4
  • 09:04: knit in the arce again 3 air loops again at genre pen and again we knit stakes without cape and 4 dummy stamps
  • 09:39: 3 more air loops and in the same arches and connect the seats Here we get
  • 10:21: Here is such a square now take another a thread of a different color Peach Air loopback loop lifting and knitting billets
  • 10:51: forget to delay walls and the last loop we knit a pen
  • 11:25: 3 more air loops and posts without накида 5 I turn back then again I stakes we have to
  • 11:58: us next row bars for 2 more than the previous to the square was flat desirable to consider columns in each on each side to not accidentally skip some loop then the square is it will not be quite
  • 12:28: uniform pair fastened a loop now three air loops and again in the same arches such squares cut out the remains We can without wasting money for a new yarn tie up a thing such as children's
  • 12:58: game mat or some litter on stool for a chair either a blanket on a sofa or some kind of plaid if knit suppose the thread is not Thinner and take hook is thinner possible tie plaid of thick threads can get a blanket to 5 we knit a couple of 3
  • 13:29: air loops again in the same direction in order to allow and 7 go to bed plaid so that he was not Strongly colorful knit
  • 14:01: one two colors suppose 1 square as white example second square blue color then u we will be so here years tender again a couple of air loops and again in the same arches and connective then
  • 14:45: there is a principle to you understandable for that there were corners we We knit on 3 air loops and connect their previous arches and here such here square with us every next row with us two bars more with each hand
  • 15:15: increases for the square was beautiful uniform these pillars count and then we will have even beautiful square then all these You can sew the squares and we will finished product more knit yourself here we are stuck in our square done connecting loops this value square of us suits the truth with
  • 15:45: this old thread all should hide this cut off a thread here for example in this I see a square thread hid from us It turned out beautiful quadro I will repeat again that we in each subsequent row we sew on two bars without more for to do these are the corners we we sew 3 air loops and lo so beautiful here
  • 16:17: square with us we get then still link a few squares independent in next video I'll tell you I'll show you how these squares connect that from they turned out a rug if the video you need liked to put subscribe now to my video feed Needlework in front of you waiting for many new video bye to new meetings