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As it is correct to fill a thread in ANY sewing machine. Repair of the sewing machine step 2  See details »

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  • 00:00: And so it goes second lesson we are They were replaced and the car but all the same He continues to vomit acquired no always breaks off near Wolves can Kushko be higher or even bobbin will go top filling option thread check coil to it not a good move zaedalo not somewhere I do not get stuck here You have 2 basic a mechanism where we must correctly never fill strongly tensioner the internet to attract them
  • 00:30: Well, of course the wolf between all of them have the thread guide so small hooks in the cap you call a kitten springs are not just send thread right direction to it less than c to you by course of progress and I should like one one a pheno- guide and directed in the net find resident thread should pass between the two plates, Import pull it up you hear the noise trick or we all about a fact correctly
  • 01:00: tensioner inside costs compensation spring is not ignore it because she plays a big role in his the action is not in vain is not well but put The further you sew in foil or boots Of course you can do without it as Some people say sages drag it meetings will live all is well, not only at large with thick seams if you thin material to sew it it will not help you will either thread
  • 01:31: break off or be dodge move on then after rally we tensioner skip to Mecca Now draw a lever and further along the path follow carpenters pull your hands Wolves go again Thread guide here it is not necessary for all and walk and more all they have given instructions to typewriter just more closely whether and
  • 02:02: do not miss and do not ignore them skip ki wolves, too, is one only then raises you stupid the top position provernul you so It is not convenient fall insert a needle with raised leg thread should be easy pass is closed It should already be
  • 02:34: its movement I'm sorry to attract or anyone right tucked check Now I will turn the line I have a white top thread worth below Black especially so look set Here we found two seam are black shadows viewed holes from the wolves but viewed not black thread He goes upstairs and turn over to
  • 03:05: the other hand look at us white thread can be so as if invisible because the fabric white line is smooth all right means if you there is still try to pick off let a little pull-urchin e.g. 1 division is not attacked delay is not worth a It 9 and 24 to e.g. not on the three half try let at C grade
  • 03:35: or two and a half to see if loops will not bottom but viewed your who became pour icons you was severely tightened yarn tensioner same and those dressed desktop machine their principle of action not remain the same three main elements and Nicky wolf il draw here upstairs is here he moves and yarns tensioner here
  • 04:07: tuned into but the principle of action at it is the same as open here this small spring and carried the world's most bottom Lo here! It works now tuck thread We perform the same procedure that you all desktop and household machines take dressed with a thread across thread guide here He's one here too, is you
  • 04:37: maybe more will be here between here there can still be here it nikken for residents handed out front cars more missing fry a little thread above through plates and here done for convenience through such planochki that you need Pass the thread all Nina on the rule here we are now threading and thread attract il simply tracing around
  • 05:09: the hook here, too, for convenience made sometimes there is simply opening dates are not not the ones to attract or sometimes such a loop farther omit down and see if we still have the thread guide You can lid and closing hike in our thread me here but he is one hooked on it
  • 05:39: also further left only wolf dressed with and wolf thread all up, we tucked pulled can lower bottom flashing if over
  • 06:09: then machine continues to break off check the correctness refueling bobbin