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  • 00:00: Hello dear I have friends all invite to his I have today for the kitchen you prepared unusual recipe its yeast test why he is not an ordinary effusion know themselves it is unusual that we do not put the dough approach as usual in a warm place where the did not have a blanket and confused we then at the end of the dough when we knead put in refrigerator for my yeast dough us You will need one and a half
  • 00:31: kilogram flour but I want to mention that can not leave half a kilo flour and more I like earlier before you say and when It showed 1 of cabbage all depends if the quality of the flour flour is not very quality both as a kind flour leaves much more I use always their baking flour Makfa Well I like us You will need one and a half kilograms of flour need to pack
  • 01:02: margarine margarine can be any crumpet any creamer we need yeast expensive I need 100 grams I use here such yeast We need it natural yeast is not dry, we need 3 eggs we need you 3 cups milk I need sugar in
  • 01:32: We will go with you 6 tablespoons sugar spoons and 1 tablespoon spoon of salt Well Well perhaps let us first I am doing a thing the main thing you have forgotten say that I I use for kneading dough mixer I very often I do baking my home very fond of pets cakes so to facilitate their work, I Me and bought it themselves
  • 02:02: I bought it dough mixer meter it, I want you say openly it not so expensive everyone can afford afford to buy the housewife's help Well I get down first in our country in our cup Kneading I break go inside and eggs look I close it and You see the eggs at me large 3 persons killed then I'm rolling in Court 6
  • 02:48: tablespoons with sugar gorochkoy two or three times 4 5 6 1 tablespoon of salt without gorochki and as of yet if you do not yourself to mix with eggs sugar and salt you can use a conventional
  • 03:20: mixer I'm in the way it is in Mixers and so this time I Clean the milk and friends Lakra I tedious I take I so cute here I hot I did it with mixed
  • 03:50: milk like this mixed with soap each jack another 100 grams of yeast I advance tyuknu mora milk has dissolved brewed faces. there is no a mixture of ie milk yeast and margarine and gradually thin stream
  • 04:21: Bobylev it all but I will say it again You can do it all mixed optional and We continue like this kneading with you
  • 04:51: Now that it is necessary to let I have to add we you advance sift flour It has to be scattered sift using a simple and pancakes through a mecca to the already here feasibly Now what I am doing I
  • 05:21: gradually begin add flour mulch we go somewhere approximately half kilogram as I have already said this way add added a little flour continued our more openly
  • 05:52: thoughts action 7 here former add I'll add more flour that is, we add with your meal gradually small portions it is necessary and such a condition to good about the dough knead flour added and then on again
  • 06:23: Again I say to you we until the dough liquid You can knead mixer not sure it do hands when the dough liquid handle mixer well with this case you combine certificate to complete the void I do not not just a This queen street ie you mix too
  • 06:55: can up to this state thereof as Knead so more add sounds and We continue our batch Well Well that's probably my kneading the batch
  • 07:28: how to cope is such a dough watery why I him not to knead stronger density because not all there mixers mixers and so mixer mixer can if we break with you'll be up very a density afraid so then I spread ground flour and a little I continue like this
  • 07:59: hands knead the dough again, add flour He added to flour Knead the dough is easy quickly we add by a little vegetable oil it's as if we roughly speaking, my chip dough very well soon if kneaded After mixing, we
  • 08:29: add quite a little bit vegetable oil the dough will breathe it will air even added like this flour and I'll show you up what extent we You will need to knead the dough has added a little bit of butter and mission, I want you say my dear Friends that batter it as a living being
  • 09:00: she loves the warmth of the hands and when you put dough you We shall put all when the soul of the dough pies are delicious fragrant piranhas you can do with any filling Today my home wanted with cabbage Well, I said to cabbage with means cabbage will be from cabbage
  • 09:30: may be with apples may be liver that is, even I use this dough for the usual pizza it Now, too bad look I carefully on the table spread ground a little flour Whether because test, as it were closely in the capacity of, and we should it Now that you have been I can see it all take the dough will be continue to have with you
  • 10:01: Carry on because the table this capacity in any capacity remember you never vynesh not knead the dough so That's how you keep ball with love, as it were we play with the dough must knead A good test again We add a little butter smeared like this its oil and
  • 10:31: We continue like this knead the dough knead until dough the extent that We with you should then be clean hands on the hands of the dough does not should be very that's how we like it beat of the dough on the table it is very fond of him, we so knead flour adding most
  • 11:01: the main thing is to knead the dough is the key to your pies I assure you if you withdraw it Pies will be very perhaps that's delicious controversy I finish knead their dough it would look like a bit like you Krinichnaya but nevertheless it you almost Mishina
  • 11:33: add here so still flour as you can see not place heavy and involve so here on the table can be if the dough to knock have someone living she lives her breathing life here now perhaps add another a little bit of butter
  • 12:03: our capacity to she would not I stick to the wall like that a little bit of flour That's probably all I kneaded the dough like You see my cell I did not the dough is not very long cool but see the most important condition is the clean hands there knead dough
  • 12:35: Now what I am doing here so I had formed I put back in we have the capacity We will close this container or food film or salafanovym package I perhaps close Food dough film it could be love words on my package is not necessary food I assure you around you have one
  • 13:05: and now we will try to highlight we do not need to corner here so we take food film We close our dough here and send and this dough in
  • 13:36: the refrigerator is not in freezer Refrigerate for two an hour and you will see that Two hours later the dough will rise and ready to form pies I will then necessarily show I make cakes I put them in stuffing and I bake cakes which they can be obtained Well, that's nice perhaps until all well well put the dough in with the refridgerator and wait
  • 14:07: you she fit