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  • 00:00: in this video we will learn how to go joining the squares we are going to make the unions in corners in the chain of 5 and in the corner let's start making meetings about this same job that I have advance
  • 00:31: let's start in this space already already let's start making meetings I already have this reason has already advanced I made one of the corners the 5 street you're the chain to start doing now the next corner
  • 01:02: I'm going to make the five high points 1 2 3 4 and 5 a chain I will join at this point lifting the work is the part of the reverse entered through the space of three
  • 01:34: chains and slipped the punt a chain aug the five high points 1 2 3 4 and 5 it is ready the first union that let's do now is where I have the
  • 02:04: five chains a chain went down to the arch I make a point under two chains I do the next union 2 chains to the next arch I make a point under a chain I will make the next corner
  • 02:36: I have the five high points I make one chain then let's do the union in the space between the five high points and the five
  • 03:09: diagonal high points to me sign rose entered and slipped to the point a chain to move the work of this way I do the five high points that missing to finish this corner a chain in the arch
  • 03:51: we have ready this side we are going to join here comes the chain of 5 let's make a chain finger to make the next low bond with 2 to arch point under a chain
  • 04:21: the five high points a chain last union we go to do it in the center slid to the point a chain I will
  • 04:58: do it last five high points to finish this corner a chain entered the low point of start and I can count here now we have Estonian ready we learned to join
  • 05:35: with one we learned to unite with three and two with these three steps you can do the work that you want this what we have learned to do today I hope you liked it and see you in a next opportunity I remember the people who want subscribe to my website is appearing at this time your
  • 06:08: screens and my YouTube page thank you very much for your support i