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  • 00:00: Good day dear my audience subscribers today Suggested recipes very tasty flavored soft cake with plums Treat yourself and their loved ones so let's bake a cake for cake cooking
  • 00:34: It will need 500 grams 200 grams of flour powdered sugar one and two major small eggs baking powder 15 Opochka g vanilla sugar 200 grams of margarine in I part of margarine part in our cream two or three sour cream for batch if you are near kilograms begin kneading the dough
  • 01:05: We are trying to drive me in his egg mixer will do in he marked all of them smoothly manual mixer add icing sugar whisk like this rubbed sugar add powdered egg add salt grams I margarine butter margarine I
  • 01:36: I had melted frozen It is just soft margarine and butter are not necessarily melt vanilla sugar Now Pour cup flour mixer through sieve necessarily sift not baking powder Now I have to forget Here 15 grams of dough so as you say
  • 02:08: very dense for mixing additional 2 3 2 3 spoons add sour cream here I do two spoons I posted the test with mixer bowl I domeshivayu on the mat it is soft and pleasant to touch and divide half and 1 hour top go the other on the bottom Roll out the dough in I Form 26
  • 02:39: Here I am centimeters I picked up on the background laid parchment greased with margarine and sides greased we shift the dough shape them up early that's leveled hands I test for the mold surface sprinkled with breadcrumbs with bread if will stand out juice then to batter our Ukraine has now
  • 03:10: Put the plums I stretched bones if ingested in large I will cleanse look again Cut the oven already heated attack I put on the perimeter to the center and sprinkle with plums sugar I did not sweet enough legs It is small they Hungarian sour . not even a spoonful and cinnamon dislike
  • 03:41: do not add We roll out a second part of the test to cover plum I have a curly the wheel will be his cut and stacked also cut into all and the rest of the band accurate transfer on the first of the so putting them on
  • 04:11: login is along Now across the covered first mesh I send in the oven 40 45 minutes Temperature 220 degrees and every I say look at your oven to not burned and that raw was not passed 50
  • 04:41: Bake in minutes my cake I flushed the edge I look for dents and Let the cake cool down cool We will get to reliability and take a walk mind here though gliders eat First sprinkled more icing sugar I get a luxury big pie we Now cut off the court
  • 05:12: Here is the dough lush plum seen here in the section all ok now 1 try to white bitches broke off a very so delicious plum
  • 05:43: propeklas sweet and sour taste it is very tasty this cake you certainly not ruining store inside soft top Sand crust plum stuffing it is generally very tasty sweet-sour such pleasant in general, I recommend cook with me raduyte their loved ones use my recipes on the go my channel sign up my new look
  • 06:13: video and to new meetings to new video and all the best to you