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How to grind a drill the hands

How to grind a drill the hands  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello friends was deal on your channel lecturing on video how to sharpen then it was a drill purely theoretical activity with the concepts of how should look at the drill case for quality Drilling this video you can see Here on my channel you please can credit silk open one window, this video will on the deck and looking theoretical lesson you can return to practical training and we are imprisoned Drill on the task at
  • 00:31: Mustang sharpening I'll drill produce here at this an old it is the milling machine principle as in corn I will not do but for grinding very personal way to say that I will break the safety I ask you not repeat my mistake and use guard for stone and not Stand fast therefore in the plane rotation of the stone so like if the stone smashed on any
  • 01:01: will not find that the I also want to add dear viewers Protect your eyes and in order to save your eyes use the funds protection Here the vision thing is that the abrasive under sharpening stone throwing their particles in different hand, these particles fly away even from drill and fly where anywhere, including in the eyes therefore protect
  • 01:31: and take care of your eyes health and well We proceed in the pantry I found here such here drill it slightly while the price of someone they drilled at a very high speeds and Zhukov to start To begin with that you need to properly hold drill ie define an angle 117 118 degrees to it steel for aluminum alloys angle must
  • 02:01: be sharper how to be a corner where you are You can check in various technical technical literature because relying purely on youtube is not necessary sometimes you need to read technical literature and so how do we define an angle I want to say to time when you gaining experience arm yourself get used to just as well
  • 02:33: keep the village but at the same time one such experience no I can to advise this we need protractor ruler Do not look at me that we gon It needs a ruler and protractor marker We set up on 29 degrees after that we get the angle 118 degrees when the markup So like this
  • 03:05: It is how we put him and carry out with the help of line attaching it a protractor in line line should coincide In the way that its intersection with Stone was in One point that is plane and where end stone should pass line of intersection taking aim on a stone from the point where I am I will produce
  • 03:36: sharpening using I put a marker Now it's flyspecked Here you can see it and then at this point guided to and using a protractor line manufacture line one side protractor are based at longitudinal feed or your desk tasks of the new unit and that's just such a way we expose ticker and with a marker
  • 04:06: We draw a line here It is for this line focusing on it comparing drill line in your case means it will look like that but in my case I shall sharpened since the camera is a little I'm biased towards Now I will sharpen in this way focusing on the line while maintaining parallel to her let's consider drill that I took
  • 04:37: for sharpening drills I chosen is not specifically the fact it burnt and on the side of the ribbon there is a significant wear this wear should not be if any is drill need shortened to some state when the side Ribbon will be a sharp edge procedure can produce a crude Sharpening right now I have it and Clean but I show you this will not be because
  • 05:07: in general there is no no secrets so dear spectators pruning the damaged part I produced as a drill You see while I left drill in order to direct end It would be more like more wisely qualitatively more fully so to speak show you all under sharpening actions drill but as before
  • 05:37: proceed directly to sharpening brought I want to say to to get sharp drill edge Stone should not have it need to fight about cones and a cylinder so say that this you can make the most simplest way use a piece of abrasive stone higher but the hardness exist
  • 06:08: special cutters and the diamonds like I device I take advantage common way will use abrasive stone higher hardness as this I'll make you show and I want to add that the sharpening drill is naturally to heat and to it is necessary to cool the use capacity with a little water and so let about good
  • 06:39: our stone means when you good stone that if you will be use a piece of abrasive, you will feel his hand as a stone hits stone
  • 07:10: milling cutter need produce up to one while through pores abrasive stone higher hardness you stop feel strokes of the stone as a only blows it will cease you signal a is that your stone from good more or less correctly so start but stop yet One caveat if you I noticed that I did not I use under the heels
  • 07:41: This in general is at sharpening drill bits do not why you need because that in principle it will only get in the way in fact, under the heels need to turners with sharpening drill or for rough stripping of something so say but not when sharpening drill if you shop there ass that regular enrollment work on grinding machines
  • 08:11: pay attention that in principle they do not used under the heels as such general Here it refers to Well, if your attention there are a half a dozen in total then he seems to be not particularly It hurts but working with him will not be very convenient when I'm under the heels drill sharpening I never use someone has even called stop it there backup well, you can probably You understand what I'm saying
  • 08:42: such planochka before abrasive stone Well and now We went so wish say when sharpening Drills are not Keep stranglehold and you need to use any patterns adaptations general universal money from this I do not have the best option is to look their eyes and trust your eyesight so
  • 09:12: He stopped at the and that stranglehold I want to say when drill sharpening it needs to be rotated on its axis but at the same time turning it on its axis it needs to be more at rather raise omitted to say Shank now I you show it to side View So in general our side view. sharpening. touching the stone
  • 09:45: must remain in the same place while the shank will need to be lowered down but with all This drill is still needed will rotate around its axis like this that's way touch and omit down at the shank it produce rotation around the axis I show you this will from two points Review but certainly not simultaneously
  • 10:16: and alternately from the top of Overview of possible line I traced
  • 10:47: and the axis of the drill with your point of view will not be I will be the same navigate with their point of view and I will assume that they the same way that if you see axis misalignment drill and line is not judge strictly this is because Camera is located in the other axis I want to say
  • 12:17: go to the head sharpening Now came the idea of is that maybe someone it will make mistake and keep drill in relation to the this line but the stone will not have had severe I want to on the cylinder say about it Here, the surface which go it forms a cylinder must form cylinder not cone in some aspect of a
  • 12:48: namely the cylinder if you will be here not the cone cylinder Now this attitude to this line here surface will have another angle accordingly it is necessary will make an amendment to the orientation drill I hope you realize that the I had in mind continue the process drill sharpening necessary strive to to get on drill precisely those
  • 13:19: most of the surface I told you in theory video now we have the video practical and we strive to ensure to get that most back and shop on the same drill long feathers the same angles I have google 1 Opera must match the angle another
  • 13:50: and the total amount of corners should equal to 118 degrees now I drill is almost half-sharpened and I already picking up to finishing so to speak drill sharpening so I also want to
  • 14:51: let's add look at the drill bit Here on this side here we see this here some line between bridge and is part of that so to speak introduced into the metal breaks his presence of metal in hand well, feather starts pick up metal and output channel on surface and so pie this here
  • 15:21: at the cutting edge contact with the rock must be placed ie horizontally against or rather not at all I rather not say absolutely correct He said no horizontal and must be placed parallel to the axis the rotation of the spindle stone respectively touch we produce here in here in this a point that is Here I spindle spa
  • 15:51: located horizontally respectively here This cutting edge must be placed also horizontally Now in this way I am getting to the stone and begin to do rotary movement about an axis and omit the shank down here so here manner thereby forming Here is such a I neatly for you shop on the drill and achieved location
  • 16:22: Jumper's this Now line 45 degrees and so for. at general is now complete check with sharpening using a protractor in basically it in general is formally in fact, but how version check can actually if the sharpening angle It will not be 118 degrees say a 125 the drill will also
  • 16:52: perfectly cut like and at 118 degrees so I mean that's a protractor it has already set up 120 degrees 180 will located 90 zero mark respectively subtract 60 degrees and We get 120 degrees but eventually zero mark must
  • 17:22: located 30 and here I do not know how will you well, I can see in Basically, even now I can not put things in focus unless you nose so sorry but angle generally all Coincidentally if there any deviations it may be one half degrees to be honest, I particularly not guided by Here's the line which asked because that, in principle,
  • 17:53: I do not sharpen a drill the first day since and not the first to say time and my hands they just have themselves as if holding something situation in which must be located drill so I also want to say about Templates I like I mentioned again a wee bit some universal templates simply not if there is both
  • 18:24: to use this template should should be a template for some certain drill diameter example template for diameter 10 millimeters to one diameter 11 millimeters longer another for diameter 12 millimeters 3 but it difficult enough zamorochitsya that Generally it is better and more both qualitatively says my practice producing grinding
  • 18:54: focusing on their vision on its nose it certainly comes with the experience that I want I learned to speak I have to sharpen drills his dad Dad I It sharpens the drill just as the great master course I have already had the wrong and once I had already exceeded this plan long ago and in his youth when I
  • 19:28: watched him how he sharpening drill looking fixedly at me did not work repeat it but did eventually as if I knew that by What I now you I tried to convey this information which speak I hope you have understood well, gain experience with you all the time will be obtained perfect thank you for attention goodbye