Irina Galkina

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  • 00:00: Good day to you, I you that when we call on error too many women what they think that the already on them tightened dress theme not a strict view it huge mistake by it must be disposed of 6 need to free dresses that free fluttering the wind movement movement of the fabric always You will tee make smart attractive here look at me Dress 4 Dress client on the front ishop ishop back and two side seams each wedge at the bottom of meter
  • 00:31: this chiffon silk you You see how easy it is before I am very worried I see too tightened their women covered all cut spoil your image always so sew free those dresses and rejoice very nice dress
  • 01:15: I think that all who I saw this especially in his dress driving when I go no chip and I guess that Waist hundred and two centimeter because all air all free everything nice eliminate very anxious you will always be just beautiful good I was with you Paukštė Irina M.