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Cauliflower salad. Preparations for the winter.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] It is worth wonderful autumn time blanks do not put a lot of people harvest as the first of the Soviet time in a heap of cans of pickles jams I so much not the case but this recipe to me 'd like to make and share with you to do this we need 3 kilogram disassembled on the inflorescence color cabbage fresh catch 3 3 carrots acute pepper peeled internal chambers
  • 00:30: 4 heads of garlic 2 Curly beam parsley it curly because it is not just jelly come in contrast to conventional parsley all the ingredients necessary to lay layers of high capacity but not in aluminum is not oxidized to the first layer we have this one just simpatichnenko curled parsley goes the second layer is chopped garlic teeth must be cut somewhere on half centimeter the next layer we are having our garlic
  • 01:01: Put the slices of carrot as follows a layer of hot pepper shred semicircles where a width of about centimeter send here is our pepper see a riot of colors bright
  • 01:33: arash parsley carrots peppers red and lay on top of our the main character taste. Now all you need is to fill in brine and put on the day under the yoke for the preparation of salty need one and a half liters of water 1 cup sugar 1 cup vegetable three tablespoons butter spoons of salt 15 pieces of sweet pepper and peas 1 glass fill with nine per cent
  • 02:05: boiled brine Cover with a plate of cabbage and top supply yoke three-liter jar with water So passed a day as you see sprouts settled allocated juice wandered and now we All this stir and decompose on the banks As you can see you brine a little cloudy as it should be because the cabbage painted wandered fermented fruit product cabbage compacted fill brine
  • 02:42: I put on roofs but not screw jars sterilize 20 minutes after boiling [music] Well, that's three-kilo cabbage us 6700 turned out very thunderous jars tasty and original, and see a nice-looking salad Well all good to you will let you
  • 03:13: more interesting beautiful and delicious recipes [music] 1 are wonderful autumn denechki It began the golden autumn this year at 4 garlic head two piles two features beam February 2 all the ingredients you need to put in
  • 03:46: capacity or desire for a glass [music]