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Jacket a hook from motives. MK. (average level of complexity).  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear subscribers and guests to let's yes from the usual thread with a hook fresh this fishnet the motive proceeds We knit a chain of 12 air loops 1 2 3 4
  • 00:33: 6 7 8 9 10 12 we are closing in a circle connective five and start knit the first row 3 air loops raise a number and in
  • 01:05: the ring matches 5 columns with one cape 345 3 air loops and continuing knitting
  • 01:36: 6 bars with one by the crook 4 drink 6 three more air loops we'll tie it and 6 columns with 1 накидом 1 2 3 4 5 6
  • 02:07: three more air loops again repeat 6 columns with
  • 02:39: one crochet and 3 4 5 6 evenly distribute the bars three air loops provyazyvayutsya we came to the end of the series
  • 03:10: we still need end of row 1 tie connecting loop 1 red cup of and go to the second 3 air lifting loops further we will knit bars with one cape each loop
  • 03:44: previous row should be Contact me by post with one crochet over here in two eyelets post binds to one cape for extension 3 air loops in extremely
  • 04:14: loop on top 2 a column with one more in each loop a column with one cape in the outer loop also two bars with one-piece 3
  • 04:45: air loops corner of the city ​​and go where we have were pillars in previous he says in the last loop I I bind 2 post with one crochet further into each one eyelet one at a time that with one over and and drawing rules it is easy to repeat
  • 05:21: air last loop I will refute there was a stalemate add 10 was former and not so knit to the end of the row at the end knit series connective loop you can go to 3
  • 05:52: series 3 air loop it up the third row is similar the second one also knits bars with one cape find loops previous row and we tie the bars with one and the same
  • 06:23: for extension with extreme loop it is tied in two a column with one cape I will show each loop one table he reached an extreme eyelet and knit 2 column one fame of 5 air petticoat
  • 06:54: fits next 45 and so same figure repeated in this loop I I'll fasten two bars and then into each loop one by one nothing complicated
  • 07:31: repeat drawings throughout the series in this loop two bars is tied up and chain of 5 air loops and perepet next drawing repeated this way
  • 08:04: it is necessary to tie easy to treat end of row it is necessary to tie connective loop I'll start knitting for 400 years air loops column without crochet three air
  • 08:41: loops 923 and on we need to tie 4 a column with one I'll be dressed together tie the first the post is not up to the end column with one cape to the end 3 4 and then all hinges with a hook
  • 09:12: are tied up simultaneously three air loops column without crochet 3 air loops the shower is already four bars with one- piece together first post is not tied up to
  • 09:43: end of the second column 3 column with one sc to end 4 and all eyelets simultaneously three air loop we we will tie arched column beznakida three air five
  • 10:15: our bouquets with one alternate with air loop 1 a column of 3 air loops q45 3 air loops
  • 10:48: now we will bind and column without crochet a chain of three it then that the hinges fit next drawing repeated 4 a column with one crocheted together or top you passed 4
  • 11:20: post unfinished now zebra loops with hook knit simultaneously three air loops column without crochet 1 2 3 air loops are tied and still times repeat 4 a column with one
  • 11:50: crocheted together re-bandaged go to the handle and we will knit 1 2 3 air loops column without crochet two three now the
  • 12:22: air cushion a loop because the columns are so fasten 1 bar 2 exactly five just like a loop 45 123 and a column without cape
  • 12:55: he has more drawings repeated throughout series of as we have already tied up this side and aruchku it's all necessary repeat end of the series should be tie connective loop at the beginning of the fifth row
  • 13:29: we will bond with you connecting chain loops to move here it is necessary to send in this way move the air loop and column without cape
  • 13:59: because the air loops 3 4 column without crochet here top topic hall posts together. from 5 air loops
  • 14:30: fit 2 3 4 5 next we need to tie 3 column with 1 cover together gap after 1 bar with one-piece previous row i I will fasten and a column with one- piece together 3 air loops
  • 15:00: next gap repeated the same 3 a column with one crocheted together 3 air loops 2 3 and bind them also two more times three bars and
  • 15:31: completed tied place of their share 3 air loops and three more a column with one crocheted together chain of 5 air loops on fit 345 go another country on the move
  • 16:02: top and we have there were columns together about spring and knitting column without crochet shadow 245 chain we and the column without crochet will come 5-ku
  • 16:33: corner knit chain from 5 air loops 45 let it be itself repeat how are you there three bars with one we will tie a cuff together Sep 2
  • 17:07: 3 air loops and the picture repeats itself three bars tied together two three here their three bars and in air loops
  • 17:39: and 3 columns with one sc tied together Well, yes, everything repeats 1 2 3 4 5 column without crochet 1 2 3
  • 18:14: 4 5 and one more column without cape as if tie up series at the end of the series remains rides only connective loop and motif I'm all ready to thank you for
  • 18:48: attention to new meetings on our channel