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Dried \/ Dried Tomatoes - how to prepare Tomaty Konfi - very easy recipe  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi today we will cook tomatoes can hee tomatoes oven-dried during my studies in the Bacu Field Institute for we were preparing these appetizing quarters often and and a large number of all because they are is very versatile in use of their can add various fillings and sauce and prepare a paste with them and risotto use for decorating various and even for just thick or green salad it is very tasty in general thing universal
  • 00:30: let's get ready to cook tomatoes confit very easy first necessary remove from all tomato peel for remove this the core is made on cross-shaped cut and fill with boiling water within a minute or two the peel begins move into this the moment at once is necessary move tomatoes into ice water to they did not weld will be easier to move away after that, cleanse their pleasure is easy and simple more we cut tomatoes into
  • 01:00: quarters and we clean out of them all insides septum seeds juice we only need flesh everything else is possible also save and cook afterwards some tomato sauce for pasta or salad received quarters of the species lay out on baking tray paper-covered for baking between rows are placed slightly crushed cloves of garlic and fragrant herbs thyme rosemary on Basil stalk what you need more like good
  • 01:30: seasoned with salt and black pepper generously sprinkled Rid tomatoes with olive oil and we send in an oven heated up to 100 degrees to get tomatoes Semi- dried Meccans two and a half hours to get more and tomato config on three to four hours now tomatoes you can forget engage in their affairs in advance set the timer of course, once they will be ready I will give they need to cool down a bit move the quarters in tight
  • 02:00: closing container and will store in fridge to use by several they are easy persist and so if you are going store longer pour them a bit olive oil well so just a little bit that's so simple and without special efforts in your house may appear perfectly universal and delicious tomatoes Confidences that I sure to try just once you will do again and again in one of the the nearest issues I I'll tell you as from a peel of tomatoes make delicious
  • 02:30: chips stay with we were Sasha with you cookingtime bye-bye