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Free chistilka from unnecessary programs + video | the Blog of the master of the personal computer

Free chistilka from unnecessary programs + video | the Blog of the master of the personal computer  See details »



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  • 00:00: greetings dear subscribers in this video would like to talk about one very useful program I think almost everyone who download sets out programs from of the Internet faced with the fact that along with the program for a computer a heap is set what kind of garbage some satellites elements of Yandex and any other toolbars that just interfere with work show ads unnecessary is built into
  • 00:30: browser and change home page and finally there is a solution simple program which literally a few clicks will save you from everything this garbage is the program scouring she absolutely free it can be download from official site this program cleansed what so download the program run it the program is not even requires installation
  • 01:00: just run and push the button start scanning here the principle is all just even explain do not need to be However, because my a computer almost pure since recently I cleaned it all by hand garbage that found after installing one program but I have there were some
  • 01:32: traces from search modified home we can do this everything is simple neutralize one button can be put leave a tick protection against re-use to stop more that rubbish we did not get we press to neutralize and now all it will be fast ready everything is ready in program settings
  • 02:06: nothing there is no such the only thing I cleared autoload so that she does not prevented I prefer launch this the program manually when I see that again how this rubbish it was established in another nuance google chrome browser this program not supported so the fact that she will have to remove manually then there is this case I just need change the home page on its I think this is not
  • 02:36: nothing complicated yes one more moment before start the program all yours are running the browser will need close in principle about it it was written on the main window of the programs on this this video ends with successes to new meetings