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  • 00:00: I dial a chain of 39 stitches and sixth loop of hook knit column two sc January 2 3 4 5 June 1 column with two sc at this point we need to link ara coil consisting 60 I'm not vegan nakida not separated air drinking chain of air 5 loops, and so knit 2 bar on the right, we
  • 00:31: to link 3 column two sc come chain 1 4 5 and 3 once they have We already are disposed to 0 side tilt all will be 6 columns and 3
  • 01:06: so what should the horns . we will here we have a chain of chain masthead kind is not considered Now we need to and will be considered at These sonorous hinges base means After this cake wheelbarrows we were binding column, without sc in a third loop without the base column sc 1 to 3 here we have
  • 01:36: first column 1 2 3 chain in fourth one-two-three another column without sc and again in third I live in the same horn point ie repeat after the enemy in cars third column without nakida chain of 3 or 4 column without the sc
  • 02:08: There is a third quarter and after the third after this column reckon 1 and 2 you are in the third and tied same slingshot of 6 columns with sc ie a number have between horns wheelbarrows 343 is only in early in the first number of such can say further complexity
  • 02:38: It will have easier orientate Th demolished show chain of 345 enemy wheelbarrows in our chain of 5 and 3 therebetween cube these
  • 03:12: so reckon two loop 1 2 3 provyazyvayu column one two three one two three 4 column without sc sc 2 do 1 2 3 3 knit brunette Well, so the first
  • 03:46: row it's not a riot in We settle in end of the series in the third petelichku wounds 23 I will post with nakida end of the row 4 air hinges lift turn Here we design a chain of 5 on it we to link chain over her chain of 3 we introduce the hook
  • 04:16: provyazyvayu first column, without sc chain of three times and the second column without sc continue doing 2 sc and knit horns. But under our chain of the three previous series here. on it we were binding 6 columns 1 34 and three column
  • 04:55: under the arches of 3 stitches previous row 3 We cut 1 and continue as the first column without first sc umnichki one two three and end of the second is what we knit chain of three
  • 05:26: notes chain of five and even horns. we are talking in the crust of 3 stitches previous row and so knit the second row here my chain lifting of air 4 then loops column sc without a chain of assign this without sc yeah. 353 then again you
  • 05:56: the transition to a chain of five were binding column sc without a chain of 3 column, without sc and on again go to knitting horns barrow next Now knit the point of around the eyes to chain of 3 stitches previous row at the end of the second row provyazyvaem post with
  • 06:27: nakida here we made chain as a I would have been with us rise and here in the first loop provyazyvaem column with sc this chain we formed when we started to knit I touched. when we recruited 39 5 or 6 began to knit owners have pachechka we have 3 aircraft loops, we have a the uppermost loop knit a column with sc end each row we It will post with sc beginning each row we
  • 06:57: will lift chain 3 of 4 stitches go on knitting 3 number of cars in our Prague must be placed on a chain of three Now we have these chains just about between the horns points they have something there is here a matter of pattern itself so that turns nothing needs to be changed ie start once the third row We start immediately cut pack of enemy here it chain have three
  • 07:28: surviving columns and Now go to the chain provyazyvaem column 1 2 3 and another column, without sc and so tied 2 horns 3 rows between wheelbarrow their chain of three how the front row at
  • 07:58: uninhabited chain of 3 here it is a chain of three wise. leet horns. Now we come knit a couple column, without sc chain of 3 bar sc without end third row also provyazyvaem post with nakida here we we find chain lifting the previous series and now you can later entered the hook
  • 08:28: but I take the top topmost drink Christmas tree and the chain provyazyvaem post with sc for us from harmonies here and so a little bit lean because we or difficult. but pulls ie edge will be back Muniz little as well, and in the beginning of the series also provyazyvaem 4 air hinges lift well, everything let's cut a big and look the whole pattern already in volume or a more nuance
  • 08:59: regardless of finish number I'm happy here. and I finished all the same I knit a column with sc but previous series, I finished series I have a column here chain's column and a chain of three or column I still I finished too column nakida bot