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  • 00:00: I although the articles are dear mom's dads as well as assistants to decide all those who going to take care of boy Tashkent open today I will tell you will not show how to swaddle correctly born we will help today match the Kuban of Chicago this one-on-one doll newborn two different worlds from last time the locomotive
  • 00:32: told the captain I took but our dowry all that they need a door in front of us are witches one of them chic chic and raspashinki before showing actually, I'll show you the shroud of her first as a rule to lay down tranquility remember a diaper is a square piece fabrics thin fabric and in March size 80 to 80 can be 97 90
  • 01:02: but in my hands it is a square of 80 to 80 km so how do we turn off will jump at least two ways folding is the most simple rather no folding the next project is double folding August on the diagonal you get here such a triangle But to date, Eygim more modern fashionable way I'll show you it and maybe you will choose this one
  • 01:33: method will use it all the time while the linux areas of the kid still and so at first you shorten this cloth squares beate customer directed you will be such a triangle flips over project of Georgia at first it seems very difficult then when we will adapt to you
  • 02:03: be issued quickly and the second part wrap in a year such and no almost so boring all the same hunter only with intensified several times complicated yet calculated in order to just about here in this place turn out to be the shaumburg ecosystem washers and so wet diaper cloth one way or another you will add up five diapers in advance will not be
  • 02:34: just like the diapers lie with you near and where it is about 5 km from the table it will not help to get it all every time when I realized that this is natural with why we proceed to actual swaddling powerfully but our authors focus in russia where allegedly a start admission she found here that if
  • 03:04: shares fsk processes I was not there in on top of you lay out Five today is about 5 km in size meter twenty to twenty meters I'm a little over a year but its edge She was some attempts have a newborn a child of this will be enough But you can already grow an editor use the whole system from above
  • 03:37: we lay out shirt counter In time you will learn to challenge all all that is so that the baby when you put it on top While from the side in the place where he needs to get you were comfortable in Europe while Putin and so everything is ready we take why mommy
  • 04:07: and stack it but first of all put on the child cicks can be done if masses party insufficiency here child can confirm and statistics not only and habits then put on your tie remember that a child is born
  • 04:37: now everything will turn out his swan to the body of bent rollers can be used both in our match Saturdays fingers yes everything is fine for newborn baby in this regard, I advise you buy knitted they are simply better than a sanction and counted for the baby this is the first thing to wear Mon amyr
  • 05:07: this year cards in the hands of h and now the edge is wrapped ringlets because the vest must be otherwise it will be described each time together with diapers will come to you will tell Russia neatly castration shirt so she does not press a baby anywhere because little kids sometimes
  • 05:39: reacts to any crease as well as Princess on the Pea and a pea lot a lot of mattress competent that these programs the United States this fact arose with the outbreak of war this is the central part of the work of international straighten out we are centered then we take one edge and here arises give bending around neatly according to
  • 06:09: it is around the baby's body Inspector Japanese also and neatly manage relative nothing is needed in any case to kill for nothing carefully tighten the better the diaper workers will be more resolved before the skin directly 13 tanks transshipment a positive
  • 06:39: baby so that on the extension was about a second in the middle of his grandmother this will allow you to lock guys are so neat so that it was some kind of mistake of the child so as not to leave termination of remember child's pen falcons 5 do not need to pull it along bodies how can anyone say what can be said a different point of the foot at the seams is the first It is necessary that this word points positively on products
  • 07:10: in races look carefully as I will do since the beginning of the year horizontal movement on the tunnel with I always pull forward this is necessary in order to she kept script Vladivostok boston cycle neatly spread the worlds speaker now to do exactly the same attached breast
  • 07:41: now we have only five short he spreads his diapers and everything and all гк аркан 1 tank we spend here is this edge of the diaper now this country fuel thus remained
  • 08:19: the only crash that we fix shares that now we will sign so much better now he there I now I want to show you so called on them more The fact is that when a child grows up it is no longer needed perhaps 13 with handles
  • 08:49: at the same time every time before the girls number of it is not very convenient to transfer it faster in a shelter so you will get size can take standards typo 82 meter 20 tables boy it is equipped with soil and in diapers invest your mother so that the child had
  • 09:20: just think about the shank Elena Yevseeva as follows one end of the survey wrap up I would like to during the teleconference, the strongest now Nizhnekamsk represent what and is fixed at the waist
  • 09:50: end of investors it's very fast make in particular, is much more convenient than provide a personal bag positively 13