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How to attract love in the life and to become happy? Magic ritual the Hair dryer Shui for love.  See details »

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  • 00:00: most often asked question which I hear from you from my most beloved listeners like attract love in how to become one's life happy today I prepared for you a ritual that really does miracles I usually give only that that very quickly what works is that tried really herself in we have such Candles are not called peonies they too with natural ether oil and you know what peony flower in general time the Chinese
  • 00:31: believes that this Imperial Flower he has really chic properties improve understanding give away stability, that is generally attract love and it was considered from ancient times that if the house has the girl who is on extradition to such age that just it's time to get married is very good center apartments a bouquet with peonies and certainly ignite here
  • 01:01: such magical candles that is you can take the base very beautiful crystal for example this and light 2 candles it is 2 with pions that the first way that any family member mom daddy's sister grandmother for your favorite child but also you can do it yourself ritual if the girl who wants to attract love then you must take same vase to light 2
  • 01:32: candles are compulsory take a new pen beautiful and pink sheet of paper write desire how you want to see your beloved to his the necessarily in present time to that is, he noble souls honest decent and so on, that is, you describe all of it quality required it is necessary to put this paper under the base and wait until the candles burn down to the end in it time you can
  • 02:02: meditate visualize partner as you meet with him what is yours beautiful happy life next when the candles burnt out you need collect leftovers because here water and they will still be such as would be cinders there and necessarily wrap it in this pink paper on which record your desire and tie red ribbon here such a sachet you must put themselves in a purse and carry nine days after
  • 02:32: expiration of 9 days you you can bury it verification that the universe already you hear and your desire is already will be taken to execution and will begin will begin to happen just miracles but on indeed peonies of course a symbol at all such well-being and stability and even here such purple peonies they will denote stability, that is you can exactly the vase is beautiful do in the center of the house and add admissible
  • 03:02: violet peonies there are cream light yellow peonies which give stability because Oh really Imperial Flower before red give passion if allowed your relationship with husband already somehow know you went to a slightly stagnant stage you can take the red pylon and light in the bedroom need to of course without water can be put it all bed head
  • 03:32: make such a beautiful room and the red it is very activates sexual energy especially if it is you know the peonies such a concubine on or rather concubine is a very long time ago I nguyen fi her name which with the help of peonies for a very long time held love Emperor in his yes that is the emperor forgot completely other concubine she every day filled its
  • 04:02: room with peonies she was filled with it smell of this fragrance this energy and, at least she was a concubine the emperor loved only her and the long long decades they were together then is it included in general then such history before the concubine was able hold on very long Emperor's love so the peonies really magical really it magic flower which you will bring and well-being and abundance and
  • 04:32: stability of love and sexuality of course you can ritual add if you are doing some kind of You can ritual put it here such keychain two fish that is when you write desire when you think that you want to play music meditative mantra your key chain is also filled with this the energy of the candle is burning The candle is made of beeswax beeswax is very collects well information even collects thought forms and of course, in this case
  • 05:02: will lie Keychain two small fishes on fengshu means love with a hieroglyph Happiness these fishes also fill up to this information and you can hang it on your handbag either on their keys and in principle hang you can even in the car yes and always yours the subconscious will be like send this flow into the universe and you are always yours desire will be replenish the energy they thus faster I will be very I like it even more
  • 05:34: such is the pumpkin in the moon she is pink which just gives love and energy yes see pumpkin bulla it is made of two such circles which in general and denote the yam and and up to male and female so this keychain fills energy love of energy sweetness and sexuality so you too can use your rituals and love Well, of course I am very I love the woman because baglan asset in general of any energy before harmonizer
  • 06:05: any energy of feng shui because it's all 8 directions to which we have compass on and therefore I can have in general in house chandelier in the form of there keychain in the form of carpet is very good or table in is very rich in correct blissful energy which is harmonizes any The space is finite such a keychain with cheese crackers rifam happiness yes he will you do happiness of your love this keychain I love add when all
  • 06:36: still in the family cooled a bit relationships and need intensify this energy so you can tell him what do you want that you you need to ask for read mantras and energy it starts work for you I hope that this information is very was useful try and marvel at how fast your results I will succeed I wish you happiness