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Haricot salad in Georgian (fast) - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: good afternoon mine dear good welcome to my kitchen today I am preparing very very simple but delicious favorite salad of beans in Georgian and composition canned in essence of tomato sauce cilantro garlic from his wife and crackers and a little bit red ground hot pepper fat really
  • 00:30: very very tasty beautiful useful and lean so it is suitable and on ordinary days and put it now so let's Let's start preparing for us you need a bank canned beans in tomato sauce without beans in a jar about 200 grams bundle cilantro wives and rusks
  • 01:00: number on your I took the discretion two slices of black bread cut and dried on crackers and two or three prongs garlic the beans are shifted a bowl I pasu preceded by tracked because we need a small amount of tomato sauce by the way, by the way can be any white and red on your discretion is very often beans goes into spicy tomato sauce this, too, is suitable for me yet prefer
  • 01:30: neutral tomato sauce without additional spice add beans and a little bit black ground pepper a bit red acute ground pepper salad should be sharpened chopped garlic finely I know the cut coriander that not everyone likes coriander in this dish is good it is she, of course if desired, can have on parsley but with parsley stove significantly lose in the taste, therefore, everything
  • 02:00: I highly recommend take coriander mix add a little bit tomato sauce from beans latest moment we pour rye crackers stir also our lettuce ready to serve salad immediately after cooking because when a salad is wet rye crumbs lettuce significantly will lose in taste and so our salad from beans in Georgian
  • 02:31: ready and place with traditional wish for a pleasant appetite prepare try very I hope that you too like thanks what were with me watched the video and all you very, very kind before new meetings alkyd