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  • 00:00: hi all me name valine want thank you for Your subscription for Husky Thank you thank you thank you we see today I want with you share the recipe ultralight yeast dough is suitable to any absolutely cakes for that we you need flour sifted several just be sure it is it is important to sunflower oil as yeast fresh necessarily sugar today I'm going to do
  • 00:30: pastry stuffed with rice and chicken liver because we need to chicken liver rice carrot onions and peppers me like pepper Now we need to in salted water boil bring it to the liver Boiling to remove rubber all the noise die 15 say then cool and it willingness to cook rice add a little butter NER carrots in it Peel and grate
  • 01:00: on a coarse grater onions large enough Dice than it is now, and noting not bow diced grated carrot on large terochku cooked rice with you Now in the liver I switched to the liver on the grinder, you also You can rub on a coarse grater is is equivalent to what you conveniently I shifted Now we carrot so easy
  • 01:35: fry in vegetable oil fry here Our onion carrot Now there we add the liver and a little water add some salt a little then it will be necessary necessarily try it It was tasty toppings to happen priperchivaem on average ogonechek
  • 02:09: and the final touch our filling it Resta add here ready cooked from this we add horoshenechko all stir and simmer still there are two three Just a moment set aside and cool the stuffing ready this turned out It is very filling Very fragrant and It should be slightly slightly brackish and because the dough is It takes a little bit of salt a long will all this Now bake until cools our nachinochka we it remove and start cook the dough dough
  • 02:39: very easy and simple, I All my life I thought that I never handle yeast is not it very easy here Now we take yeast and here also pour the sugar and we do this manipulation is also easy / thaw has sugar will turn in this fluid we just have a good in short all the fray I add here any water, neither of which they should become a vodichku's the same that became our
  • 03:11: yeast and sugar here liquid so now here I pour the warm vodichku little all unchain Now specifically add a few spoonfuls of flour again e.g. things such concert the game is a little bit more flour Now whisk whisk on the edge of not only if will not lumps
  • 03:41: nothing frightened okay then she All here in this as we remove our brew in a warm place 15 minutes later we shall see download it and so Foam rise all remove all the place I turned on the oven 180 degrees to She now started warmed up and now I take our test here a pair of we you see happen which rack rack such foam is now here we add flour of course salt and it all begins
  • 04:17: knead well who likes his hand but all that cushy little and little add here the remaining flour and knead when we all We feel that has all we gathered liquid here we pour sunflower oil well again knead well here this dough should get myagenkaya do not overdo it
  • 04:47: Chief of flour here such a totally does not stick to hands knead his minutes not less than ten here now we will bring immediately sculpt here is a very wonderful dough get with it very easy to operate it is absolutely not stick to your hands just beautiful now we are very simple manipulation and take just squeezing like these sizes balls I do it from then we just testing these balls I
  • 05:18: to postpone show the ball a rolling pin roll out But in a ghetto layer inside spread nachinochku not more I'm greedy neatly zaleplivaem to patty on top It was neat here and so all plump closed up
  • 05:49: as the dumpling's We are now turned little hands and now so he just gently such dlinnenky krasivenkie was Now this is cute the beauty we have already and laid on the mouth We leave little seats We stuck together and made It was not until the end of our test brother to me necessarily greased sunflower oil sure here I have a little egg milk well and amassed Now all that grease the our pies and send it in the oven for at least 20 minutes at
  • 06:19: 180 degrees they have very good tan so here are pirozhochki We got out of the oven see how lovely Here are our turned pirozhochki they are very fragrant be sure to charm necessarily try it very easy to do recipe if you want more dough and a horse a little less stuffing want more add to see my family love
  • 06:50: that was a little test and lots of toppings because that's what I it is very easy very simple subscribe to our channel their raduyte friends and guests pleasant family appetite yet