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  • 00:00: Hello to you Svetlana today will do I want pizza treat their family and their at the same time tell you how I doing this, we need flour a glass of water warm sugar salt Gregorian tomato paste today I take yeast
  • 00:33: dry onion I have brushed and Way points here 3 sausages smoked fillet and 100 grams of cheese and more one egg will do I take the dough dough pour some water so warm and sleep here
  • 01:05: spoon dry yeast Now here I will put not a little salt small tea spoon and sahara sahara too teaspoon all it is stirred
  • 01:38: it quickly and you very dispersed in warm some water and we can immediately add flour add more here Little sunflower oil I sprinkle flour 300 gram the dough will I do to one one pizza a baking tray
  • 02:08: forgiveness mix spoon in this way kneaded dough who took on this dough 300 grams of flour but that's still under army on it and the dough
  • 02:39: It will be a little flour added I cover and plyonochku polotenechko somewhere half an hour to make it constantly prepare so for the girl for pizza our family forever and Mom and I are doing this Fill Pizza
  • 03:09: very interesting obtained scattered egg bag a little bit mayonnaise this turns out here consistency remember whipped here seems until the dough is suitable you need to cook it tomatoes
  • 03:39: tomatoes here are frozen which I already told is now well useful Now the pieces are cut and I put them now At various rosettes and here also need to pepper sweet pepper here so here too
  • 04:11: I lay frozen kolenochki close then cut into sausage so that's chicken fillet cubes
  • 04:43: sliced cheese rub grated chop onion semicircles so all products
  • 05:15: Now I cut I prepare I lay a baking tray greaseproof paper or slightly smazhem sunflower oil It passed the test time It has come so to prepare his then I simply you they'll get in the bowl little else of course
  • 05:45: little else you Misha I add here dough is quite soft already it is behind the hands
  • 06:16: OK the board does not stick, I his unrolled a large reservoir layer this to It fits on pan it can be any It depends on a baking sheet It can be round It may be square it is a rectangular how are you what you what kind of mood
  • 06:48: you what you disgusting then we all depends upon your circumstances Now it needs to be move this layer 9 I take here and so Such are here Out of the corner like that can
  • 07:23: walk thus the foundation I'm ready for pizza included duhovochku is heated to 200 degree and now you need to put all nachinochku first need add the tomato paste Thus, I add
  • 07:53: mayonnaise my thoughts tomato paste can first for convenience stir and then Only this smear pizza but I do not I stir like this that's just for our and then a spatula flatten bundle
  • 08:23: Now spread sausage here is myasko tomatoes pepper
  • 08:56: Now it all gently pour egg with mayonnaise and sprinkle cheese here is still on your taste can be put olives and girls salted cucumbers who He loves but that's all
  • 09:27: depends on your fantasy and products that you have home our pizza sent to oven for 15-20 minutes duhovochku Now pull this here beauty young
  • 10:11: still has not It looks yummy delicious smells preparation of such pizza takes Today, more than an hour this retseptik test of time very tasty and quick and just remains only
  • 10:44: add coffee and tea Course what he loves and enjoy snacks pleasant all appetite and to until we meet again till