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  • 00:00: Hello this homemade laser engraver Vyzhigatel it works by yusb computer ports because batteries it does not require very simple design optical module to example made from shoot two shells because his manufacturing It handles completely Each such piece easily cuts paralon despite low power laser 9 of the writing drive can be applied with words and images on any materials
  • 00:31: organic origin ie those who are able to char or melts example wood skin cardboard plastics all anything almost that we surrounded by the cover panel made of rather thick I went through plastic through because you can make holes if different cut this tissue via things they will not blossom as the if you cut them scissors because they are late
  • 01:01: melted even light and delicate the fabric was amazed thick woolen also managed cut to manufacturing optical module we need a couple zits on this sleeve pistol tt she caliber 762 mm 25 millimeters such shoot sleeves can be found at shooting ranges various buy flea markets or it has to get well need sleeves caliber 8 mm from the start
  • 01:31: or gas cartridge which is used in single or starting pistols What about cases from the cartridge, etc. there is one very important nuance it should not stick to a magnet that is, it must It is made of brass This is necessary in order that heat from the laser good heat because the very sleeve we perform the role of Radiator steel has much smaller thermal conductivity than brass because the laser itself rather its diode housing will be greatly
  • 02:01: change whereby it necessarily You probably burn out noticed that neck sleeve eight millimeter I just I I leveled with her a few I folded end inserted into the opening and I squeezed it all about pliers then I should be inserted drill with a large Shank and again the whole thing and squeezed eventually neck my get straight plastic insert I neatly smelted from warming certainly a
  • 02:31: chuck in any he can not be the case just explode most important part Adapted this course laser LED capacity of around 300 milliwatts needed get it of course You can always out laser drive 9 writing buy radio or in the market Internet if you buy then buy maximum power that you can afford Laser with LED such a heat sink is always writing Tyson sufficient power I can
  • 03:01: guarantee how much I they always come across It was enough powerful focusing lens you can always take out Take care that the drive is it enough to remove small example can set in place capsule much as possible insert the neck of distance from the laser until the lens is depend on the focal length Object Distance that we will getting used to burn Hope lenses need show maximum most cautious working part
  • 03:31: scratch in no the case can not be otherwise it is necessary affect about the effectiveness I decided to take the fat larger lens because she fully fit the inner diameter very well or sleeve almost By the way as far as I know if this lens mounted on smartphone the chamber it turns into electronic microscope such liner system copter Berdan because necessarily need little osverlit bedplate so as it He showed and drink all this matter with the help of
  • 04:02: pin if that's so to secure the sleeve re-drilling Already precisely it is not will be crushed entry from idle cartridge goes capsule System god cheese and you can just knock out using gypsy needle here I reams for smooth passing laser beam trehkulachkovye
  • 04:40: cartridge ideal suited to clamp neck sleeve then there is a lens will sit very very tight I conducted an experiment and saw what the focal point It is two inches from the lip liner and I was not satisfied with I need to distance It was more So I ripped out the same Drive another lens and insert it
  • 05:10: restraint I checked and the focal distance it turned out to 10 centimeters and me It is arranged if you normal will fall not too convex lens then you will have to It all one worked fine for to the future Lens will not shifted to the inside of nilzy I paid thin layer nitro lacquer, and gave him dry well Now I have this drop I will fix the lens important to monitor so that he did not get labor on the part of the Well it is possible to edge
  • 05:40: stints second very convex I fixed lens just as near the very rim is b port there I took off board killed printer and it will be serve to connection computer it should be in a all for powering laser for me this option perfect fit because I always I can detach cable and hide this laser pie and the cable itself use for connect other devices if you do not hunt bother with this
  • 06:10: all thing you can make cable tightly fixed and all it will significantly easier now with I help bormashinki all neatly srezhu waste plastic with connector so that this thing could placed in a tube ideal for housing fit tube copper or brass and aluminum it is necessary for good the main heat sink inside diameter that was 10 millimeters when sleeve to be inserted tightly and
  • 06:40: heat is efficient I contact the + three resistors soldered total resistance about a 30th Button switch resistor is on 50th when the current It passes through it the laser light but not waiting if clamp button it It begins to burn
  • 07:10: it is necessary for exact positioning the laser to start burning in this hole will and inserted in the CONNECT epoxy resin switch have sb plug perfectly is inserted into the connector and adheres to the body which It is minus contact inside I filled the tube epoxy resin
  • 07:40: I need it for connector fixation place and to Turns out he has not dropped by clicking the sleeve itself with optical module kept at the expense of friction and inserted It is very tight but get case need it Now you can Try this gizmo in we
  • 09:55: demolishing bridges can Minsk
  • 10:36: Well us no
  • 11:18: tests were successful in general, then you you have seen thank you all for attention to someone the plot is not liked forget to thumbs up as well as share videos and subscribe to Channel who have not yet signed will be a lot interesting and useful all the luck