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  • 00:00: judge on the street a powerful old sleeves called Anya's shoulders a huge head bush that directly converge earth dollars their natural cn those old Village domes many years of experience bypasses biennial
  • 00:32: sleeves where formed fruit believe a concern this year and that we need Now cut just start from 100 thousand embassy powerful green wall but to dig us dollars we annual shoots First we need to remove
  • 01:03: all the green days faster in Moscow stepchildren weak in the victory of the green shoots all that is, we do not start pre-pruning our our fatigue after a preliminary trimming removal undeveloped green shoots stepsons
  • 01:33: and that Let us consider prevented we can proceed with their final trim way to promote difficulty because each sleeve, each on each of fruits and shoots on the bone clearly visible Cochin is now difficult to determine downs sharply given in the bushes but the way in response to calls bones very well loyal mean there will be formed
  • 02:04: Release is made here in Siberia vine there was no really if the head which is ground stamp basic stamp underground, he is underground directly from anyone not suitable our sleeves old translate it shoulders thick old sins etc. Therefore, for which
  • 02:37: Now grown It has directly sleeve two-year wood Now he will deny this course he very long sleeves which is undesirable do not see the next post year as the course expands epee although planting the bushes 3 meters but so long Zhukov hinder development adjacent bone or
  • 03:07: million in principle, decide themselves while in basically Yes there is very important conditions Grapes for the more button start old wood bush magnifier just old wood yielding bush the information on the more it is possible to get a crop it had the larger but in our conditions
  • 03:39: such a possibility that such a possibility belts seems just because Start to be covered 15 Bolshevik long hair buy very so comfortable we accepted it and faithful Forming bushes Forming classical pieces Now let's see what do we have to this empties powerful shoulders
  • 04:11: and on these shoulders very long very long sleeves we need Speaker who remove above the m strong fruit we will survive we st here we take the first shoulder On this about career powerful fruit vaso
  • 04:42: It is pretty close one issue Fleet it is very convenient for us if look the rest and win our data sleeve we see they sing and that's a pretty weak but they can never be material for the I know the crop next year, and only at the After the victory at the end of the sleeve
  • 05:12: There August 2 a victory but there is not much long away deleted year blue scrubs the hands should be cut off at a strong you st stop deleted it is in this same vein, I must say that Now that the sleeves do not have decent new victories
  • 05:44: 8 frail look to the end we only at the end of less strong foil such a decree must be removed completely what we do third hand also not worthy to yes I'm on it stop him long part without victory so this sleeve we will remove from very foundation
  • 06:16: next sleeve another decree the same vein he is also a big part does not After dinner the young shoots
  • 06:51: so the annual shoots meaning This, too, no scolding is not it we can remove and have fully criminal statute So on one side we have left two sleeves since in principle it should Lapid river configure Fustat on the other side of the two branches and munch on
  • 07:21: the other side two sleeves Now although this is in principle not sure you can leave and more arms if the exchange rate is strong But if you he has a pretty powerful strong universities but in this case we have one-way, two sleeves the second sleeve length It has an abortion and the second eye that is to be done
  • 07:51: excluded replacement there that is to be done there is such reinforced when the unit is for two deerskin biennial sleeve It can be left fruit victory 3 weight ceded two-thirds this is the option which can be retain removing two victories profitable part
  • 08:22: we have one way Street water front fruit victories another speck of substitution Now there is at than replacement but it is unlikely he will be able to spend the winter there not underdeveloped just in case we put into two kidneys and let's see what will happen to him at a meeting of the year this
  • 08:52: New Moon worthy DA replacement