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Secrets of easy knitting for beginners from Marina.

Secrets of easy knitting for beginners from Marina.  See details »



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  • 00:00: good good there go now Invite you see how I if posting armhole you start knitter and see my video tutorials I always you show lightweight ways address all issues that arise knitting so I I invite today beginners course knitters and if you have already experienced a man and a master in this business and you do not
  • 00:31: agree with my method, I beg you in comments write your method so I invite now here he is moment I responsibly when we vyvyazyvayut dress, and here we come until armhole and now I I'll show you how I understand and vyvyazyvaya you could understand in my previous video see that necessarily make pattern before how to tie a product
  • 01:01: here's a look the pattern that we you did lightweight way for knitting and knitwear and necessarily stand here on this kleyonochku such here plenochku and thanks that my pattern will be very durable and I always I can see they are not It does not and they beneath hand and a lot of years in the I made pattern Now you see her It brought to a Here you plenochku Contact you dress
  • 01:31: by lenght we have come to you with good and now I see I put the pattern if you can see because that it is transparent see and now we task to do here This smooth transition ie dovyazat us shoulder I will now I try as simply show this one nuance because many Kazakhs This makes the price
  • 02:02: mistakes so I took notebook and redrawn our frame look here I do notebooks clearly we would like Yeah mentally and to do so here calculation here I am here and show here here here plenochke so we doing here is such a as if drawing habit here it is very important to us
  • 02:36: you should indicate here and now this flyspecked read here and the number of loops Chick is included in We here in this in this distance I have here a case Here is 6 centimeters 6 centimeters again I repeat here on this the point where the very we will have to start for armhole and now we here is a let down here vertical We stopped at the 6 this is not a centimeter why plenochku
  • 03:07: convenient that I can see where my petelechki look how convenient if it was paper, we would So I have not seen note this is where I I have now put away plenochku periods paradise plenochku and calculating how much I have 5 le chic so I think again two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 12 3 at 4 sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty usually in the distance is about 20 to 24 centimeters
  • 03:37: it all depends on your Of course the size of the completeness and any knit the size you well in Here I have 48 50 to 52 with your account the pattern should be understood Rapoport can be should be considered I'm sure I finish here at here You see here on this here Here stripes attack and will be grooved dresses Now here I I finish I have read here 25 Ilyich 25 or Th I'm you
  • 04:08: I try to scheme demonstrate how correct and very easy to do, we armhole that's because I have a film we see a pattern can visually watch I mean the situation here from that point, and that's here's a rule such perpendiculars But on a notebook wave
  • 04:39: marked and made measurements I have here get 6 centimeter normal and in the direction we We are 6 centimeters that we read six centimeters 25 or will we snip We made previous settlements then here we have 20 loops, and that's a miracle that dots and normal 25 goes up or snip or 20 rows here is everything
  • 05:09: you individually You will process knitting put the pattern is I will be treated as I used to say knitter or handwriting If you have delicate binding petelechki more easily located so you have it well to consider traditionally usually if this way we 6 is e.g. centimeters and up six centimeters you doing everything as if by the pattern and now Here is a look distance 6 centimeters in my in this case, or how you will
  • 05:40: distance we always and divide by 4 segment or four segments so now I say these 25 are in Ilyich this we distance 6 centimeters we divide the number of 4 segments in our in this case each segment we It will be 5 hours and hinges So I write to you this the first segment is But the second third this segment we have 4 way will we go and
  • 06:11: memorize that the first segment, we always a one-off we close this the number of loops we received dividing the 25's or Chick in in this case the amount of the segment I've got five loops and the first snip segment I close one-off May 5 le chic, we provyazyvaem up Then we return out at night next to this point We turn again and
  • 06:42: a second inlet segment and here memorize if Here we close fully in the loop the second segment, we always have to close 3 loop but since We here at Each cut and only five loops, chica close It should be obtained by three petelechki we do not We go by the number of loops so we front row close 3 petelechki then we three petelechki but one we take away from this
  • 07:12: But with 3 sides I'm segment when I clearly you show you You understand more than just I want you to visually remembered that in the first segment we close full amount loops obtained in the second is always three in the third cut and 2 petelechki and then at we have here one petelechke we remove and in this way we We climb 20 rows from the beginning this is it point provyazyvaem and you will always
  • 07:43: obtained here such more accurate armhole I just want to say to you show how we vyvyazyvayut armhole knitted products with Given our pattern Well, as we all with eventually become professionals you it will be enough 2-3 Your product thanks to the pattern and then you here this memorizing circuit and you have almost Plans do not need so we are very often wonder how
  • 08:13: knitters knit pattern without well because it is included here in this system we already know that is, first we closing a and the number of loops Th you shared here this otrezochek therefore again look at my drawing and now we are with you proceed to make visible lesson I'll show you how and closing petelechki Now I will I show clearly we very smoothly
  • 08:44: do Acad armhole I recall in the first segment behind once close while 5 loop and that's what we are here finish and continuing pattern Knit until the end series and so I We will not rush not only will It is now close to you May 5 points but I will I show you how to make very smooth here rim on the agate Here we have such a service
  • 09:17: I take through the first the loop is passed the second loop is not provyazyvaya thread I see her take off and a second loop again I am wearing on the left loop and only now I grab a thread I see facial I rented dress again the following loop
  • 09:48: I pulled through previous see to it my I dress on the left needle and just now I'm her provyazyvayu see rented dress This is already with you We made closing three now we have loops we will have 4 petelechka it does not remove the Now we provyazyvaya
  • 10:19: dress and now Once we provyazyvaem again remove the dress on the left needle's 5 petelechka we held the previous Vitim spokes and provyazyvaem shooting dress, and that's just now we provyazyvaem facial We took off and left and Now the process of
  • 10:50: knitting you look how evenly we the transition will be made in each row and you almost You see even the place 5 transition face club I give you now show lesson dress to be be called inside out I'll wear it out and this side and to that hand will separate video and here is a sketch accurate way
  • 11:21: It helps me decide sleeve so that it will not it is seen inside out I do not have will be very gently and this is a neat way not allow Well wear dress as I say topsy-turvy I I show you the modelka will be very beautiful and original but in this case, this motel learn knit with you neat prime so we We finished with you on January 1 otrezochek first
  • 11:52: segment we closed 5 Telchik at the same time and now we continue to further we are knit up end of the series pattern you bind here at Me Wrong and I I keep facial visa Now we will accelerate with my operator Knitting for that time is not I'll show you missed
  • 12:22: at the end of a series that we do we keep with you vyvyazyvayut first row armholes figuratively speaking so here we are here the first segment 5 closed loops and snip I have a one-time look showed that It was very carefully this and this part I provyazyvayu ligature viscous pattern until the end of reactor and we now should look like we are here to I advise you to close this number to complete
  • 12:52: end do here no decrease for to you stray protection pattern that accompany you now we turn around we do not knitting repeat feedback hand just as well in and the first three points we diminish the same 5 is the number of points 55 Ilyich in this case, here you We turn to you
  • 13:23: knitting see here I already course other side Dress is not playing role and I remind you how neatly and gradually closed repeat one I rented petelechku I dress on the left needle stretch 2 petelechku shooting I dress the corpse to the left needle and only now I provyazyvayu again remove the dress
  • 13:56: on the left needle grab next st remove stretch it is not provyazyvaya it is dense in you lie dress we it is only now provyazyvaem is us three petelechki closed dress again next st PM go don
  • 14:27: shooting and that we and 4 petelechka Now we put 5 minute PM stretch dress go again I drink, and here we are with you shut down first segment also 55 Ilyich you see what
  • 14:58: neat and closing and continued look and the most important that you armhole will not stretched so fashion and dress does not will hang, and you It will be able see my video how neatly sew round sleeves and this is how we are with you now provyazyvaem this promo also an occasion important condition you see my Video I'll give you a reference as beautiful sew the sleeves and here armhole should
  • 15:28: fit and here we are 5 loops cheat closed and we We continue to knit with pattern that you have our product to knit end of the series and again I you show how we you finish the number we finish here's how I see how to lie petelechki so we and finish and closes at the end of series also petelechki ie
  • 15:58: end of the series, we do not diminish now I finished you will hasten knitting show more