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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, friends with the elder culinary channel kukin club and today I will show how home can be tasty prepare them offend in technology cooking in correct recipes but that was delicious simply and not pick out but bones because the dish is that drank it most cases, probably you if you ever tried in memory frightened how to take косточки за дар because the chicken chop and now she has such bones are hollow more precisely
  • 00:30: empty inside not crumble and no one takes care of pull them out of motherfucker and I'll show you face that you surrender wings all will be very harmoniously delicious and we will not deviate from traditions let's go there for 7 years and which are needed key ingredients and do not lose in taste let's cook most of those cut very simple dish I it is very strong I do not know how I like showed before moment but I'm cooking it is always there wings are obtained in 1000 times more tasty than plowman the cheek is cut
  • 01:01: chicken wing Here is this part of it you can either cat give his broth weld or simply throw meat here almost no and it will burn fried in frying pan and if still we'll put it out here everything will fall apart there will be one bone and fat ghee chicken fat I I do not like it therefore just give her a cat also cut here also on cartilage and two such good ones a piece of meat here very much and here can be pleasantly so chew so much chicken How much do you have help me kilogrammchik we a little salting
  • 01:31: strong stuffing box because it's all will be stewed in sauce and sauce will be so saturated that here only chicken need determine when peppers to mix and fry on red-hot pan until golden crust newer vegetable oil and we throw wings from the lessons that here everything will be fried much faster no sound use conventional frying pan just do not need anything at all to mix, let y chickens are formed
  • 02:01: color from one side about let it be lie down like three minutes and get in the way 1 3 minutes and make 4 approach it's noticeable 12 minutes while the hen matches sizzle you will prepare our vegetables to us it will take a lot I shall cut onions Luffy on four parts large such pieces to be felt even here on hand 3 we start to solve fried wings
  • 02:41: we are still shifting in a plate wings should turn out golden but not you need to bring them to full readiness because we are also we will press in sauce with box left us matrix from the chicken we this morning in this matrix is ​​thrown a little ray of light passer here is a that the bow is opened and satiated his dish aroma of hundred fried onions he tastier than steamed We still have tomatoes and we now we will deal with them we remove the peduncle You can certainly remove
  • 03:12: tomato peel for urinary warm water more precisely in boiling water and the skin itself will depart but I am now doing this I will not do it can make me into principle of leather message as not she confuses here thin tomatoes very young and so no discomfort I I will not try we cut tomatoes in small cubes I have three tomatoes golden street we are add tomato paste to get rid of from the smell of dampness Generally tomato pastes when it is not browned simply canned banks is sold in it's so me for it
  • 03:42: the smell of damp earth so you need her a little fry then it will be much more delicious scent also a handle with tomato and send tomatoes and horrors a few tomatoes fried and gave juice such we will become lax to force them for seven minutes a then add the chicken this dish is still needed
  • 04:13: garlic garlic you need do not squeeze through chesnokodavku namely just cut big ones like that here are the pieces here, as they say garlic to taste quietly killed can not do without the enzyme kenzo it's necessary again do not like coriander then you already do not eat . x cut I will add dill and not finely but just like this brow do not turn
  • 04:44: it's in the dust twice walked iv to the greens were felt not just there some kind of trumpet shaft this Of course it's delicious. it will be more pleasant to be straight here are the petals greens were in it platter Well and in my case add chili pepper I will add it a little bit but it's already on your discretion without it, in principle too, she's me anywhere just want to do after that to me it is enough finally can a tomato we add salt black ground pepper 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • 05:14: in garlic before chili half a glass water there is such a spice is called hops-suneli without it here we have nowhere to put 2 tablespoons she very fragrant and not oversaturated with taste that is, it will not be so as if you added handful of laurushka which is directly rehash no taste here it will be the most but that 's the whole mass bring to a boil now you have chicken is not added You can regulate sugar and salt because
  • 05:45: the chicken in this already will have to let him languish and when you add already a hen should have an old two can pick up the microbe what do you try to do right now at starter for salt sugar I think enough for your you still need to try adjusted salt add our wings in good for them we put in the sauce so that they completely covered with sauce not so on top lay a straight from u drowned in sauce in it's all and chip my friends are like You can not download
  • 06:16: it's delicious fucking appear bubbles we make a smaller gas close the lid and we all languish in it 15 minutes in 13 minutes to add kensu with with dill they a little bit choked Two minutes will unfold aroma but they lose their taste similarities there will be a taste of rich aroma will be cilantro and dill and our dish is ready me I congratulate you for 40 minutes we prepared
  • 06:46: awesome lunch or dinner that can eat a few people and quite even get enough be sure cook this dish You'll get unforgettable impressions it is very delicious and all pleasant appetite for this dish I do not you need no garnish I just take the white I put my loaves chahohby in this deep bowl Macau there is bread in this just no one convey in words you need to be times try here stewed thing with
  • 07:17: take the wings the wing of bread already and all and you like meditating on you was sasha do not forget subscribe to culinary group which is located in description under video write comments I ask you I will answer that you interested in all until things are released