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Potato brushwood. Potato firewood is (simple and tasty). (simple and tasty)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone I will be like ethereal brushwood I already boiled potato kilogram potatoes boil in salted water and the water is drained off afterwards then potatoes are needed stretch here I have it already did something like this dry is obtained as
  • 00:30: would mashed potatoes next we need two eggs do not forget eggs wash we add and need 3 cups flour Here again the same nuisance so I interfere with the eggs in puree
  • 01:03: and start adding flour for a bit that is, we mix and add when you already mix
  • 01:53: I live by the crowd , and remove and begin knead the dough with your hands add flour and well kneaded so how would we zhmakayem
  • 02:24: to have a good meal joined with potatoes so the dough is ready here.
  • 03:02: It is and we need to roll out lasker 100 approximately thickness of 3-4 millimeters roll out at this time I already put vegetable oil
  • 03:34: warm up for roasting only rolled now cut into stripes since we make crunches such
  • 04:04: not very large that there were strips rather, not very thick but centimeters from 3 to 5 here and here about here so here we are notches along the middle and then unscrew that's inside like this
  • 04:38: how hrustiki do Here and then we will fry neatly
  • 05:25: we turn out not to tear soft as can be squeezed out just a glass frying rings circles that is there are already any figures like this
  • 05:57: vegetable oil I was already warmed up good and throw in our brushwood potato fry to golden color have already begun
  • 06:31: blushed can be invert such that blush turned out to be waiting
  • 07:01: now you can lay out utensils to a little bit the oil drained off and then already on a plate can be served and eat you can sprinkle greens from above in front of
  • 07:31: serving and you can eat them both in hot and in the cold is the other did I squeeze out a glass circles can and so fry that is you choose because you this is convenient since like already too blushed and you can
  • 08:01: get them spread on plate that's such a delicious
  • 08:36: the dish turns out cook too for everyone thank you for attention subscribe to my video channel set husky while bye