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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear gardeners and truck farmers with you Tatyana I'm glad all welcome on your channel a productive garden today's video I I want to talk about care of tomatoes in fruiting time very much too questions are being asked Do you need watering and top-dressing during ripening of tomatoes here's today's video I want it talk in previous videos I you showed tomato where they are without me fawn already on
  • 00:30: during long time and without any extra dressing that is, there it is already almost everything lifted it over early undersized grades but these varieties are ripening and the second 3 brushes later more tall top I have almost all pinch today 30 July that is You can see something there are they too reached almost ceiling of the greenhouse there is basically here in the middle row I have
  • 01:00: tall tomatoes first-second brushes are practically assembled right here bare stems that's all the leaves before this brush is somewhere 2 a case where something has 3 all already removed for better now everything was ventilated because the end of July August month may of course, of course begin viral diseases such as phytophthora ladas a couple of wasps
  • 01:30: Well there is a mosaic many diseases tomatoes therefore everything these are viral forms here and for this you need to be bare stems in my opinion at least below brushes and it was better aired watering is now already from the end of July I stop practically fully because I'm already this was my principle in order to make tomatoes better ripened
  • 02:00: were more sweet sugary they have a very powerful root system even if necessary some food The moisture they will get and themselves but again I will say make landmarks and amendments to its climate because I I'm talking about directly Moscow region we have enough close is groundwater that's why I'm doing
  • 02:30: always correct for each climate and maybe I'm not always I say in all this video but now the moment I want say about irrigation, that is, if you are very dry and hot climate Of course you need watering reduce but completely stop probably all the same not well, well, tomatoes they do not like harsh differences if not for a long time water and then risk drench water drastically they can all crack this too please consider Even if you
  • 03:00: supporters of irrigation tomatoes up to the end of fruiting now regarding now I'm feeding principle has long do not feed except for the ash solution and humate Potassium is the viburnum and top dressing they are necessary in time of fruit filling during chanting fruits it improves the taste of tomatoes if you it is necessary that tomatoes lay for a long time such special
  • 03:30: varieties that can lie on 2 to 3 on 5 even months that is I I grow many such varieties in order to extend use in fresh the form of tomatoes almost to the new of the year and that's just how to In this case, very help the most a simple option is top dressing of potassium ashes what is necessary for this to do that is here we are we are building a glass of ash for 10 liters of water then eat on a bucket mixed well
  • 04:00: and water immediately in order for this there was potash fertilizer and if not turned into a more important such a structure alkali is not necessary insist that is it is necessary to breed well and immediately watered water the palette on under each bush preferably the land of course was wet because hall you can Burn the roots if dry land this do who we already say so do not water or
  • 04:30: water very rarely then you can finish spraying on foliage by fruit then is because the leaves are in like will see there is still leaves yet enough and the ovary is and upper brushes still will be poured into during August months and up to end of September here so on the leaves you can do too ash solution but be sure reduce the dose half that is half a cup of ash for 10 liters of water
  • 05:01: percolate that the nebulizer is not choked with ashes particles of ash and sprinkled on foliage necessarily evening time or in cloudy day to again there was no burns on leaves by the way, the hall if sprayed on leaves it still goes as protection from of all viral forms diseases and including from phytophthora ie this too wonderful means and still I very much I like to use the humate of potassium is already about this also spoke to me
  • 05:31: ask how still plant right because somewhere they write on 60 liters of 10 grams somewhere there are still some proportions Well, here I am I'm buying this humate of potassium here note here packing 10 gram and straight written clearly on 200 liters of water, that is, barrel 200 liters of water and I'm buying this potassium humate + j here 25 gram weight is the same on 200
  • 06:01: liters of water per barrel and also somewhere in the a week every 10 days in time of fruit filling ripening can be watered under root or sprinkle leaves it too wonderful and potash fertilizers and more microelements which are also needed very ripening tomato nitrogen dressings there manure is a litter green fertilizer then first of July I'm such
  • 06:32: tomato top dressing is not I spend because nitrogen top-dressing tomato is not love tomatoes tied up much less there is active growth foliage I do it too talked about but anyway many questions to what extent time to feed tomatoes that is, tomato is not that culture people a large number of nitrogen application here potassium-phosphoric especially in the second half Vegetation is yes it is please but no way
  • 07:02: not a lot of nitrogen if you are well fertilizer Ivanov's wife and or there by humus or compost in general the earth is generally possible exclude nitrogen top-dressing during of the whole period of vegetation tomatoes on the poor two or three top dressing is enough depend on the season but again in the first half cultivation tomatoes are now just need them exclude not only what is it delays fruiting this worsens the taste of tomatoes
  • 07:32: this has already been proved already checked here so about nitrogen dressings please this exclude them completely even if u you are frying more southerly climate and tomato in you bear fruit up to the month of October here and perhaps maybe all I wanted was you tell on care for tomatoes during fructification in the second half of summer what top dressing and watering watering moderate still just want to say if
  • 08:03: allows land and climate, in principle, I Here now summa end of July from the beginning fully I stop watering tomatoes in the greenhouse in the open ground there of course rains periodically watered but I the rate goes to greenhouses that is in open ground I I grow a little tomatoes years that's probably all on today if I liked my today's video put hounds and subscribe to the canal is productive the garden with you was
  • 08:33: tatyan to all kind to all the rich crops and all bye till