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Sharp snack (salad) from cabbage for the winter the recipe of the Secret of preparation tasty and simply  See details »

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  • 00:00: Dear friends Hello today We will show you our company recipe from cabbage today with you Elena on the channel find your recipe recipe from us wonderful salad from cabbage or is called stuffed cabbage rolls vegetables you can call fools in Korean festive fool and the name is the essence one we need cabbage and need vegetables vegetables we take such wonderful ripe
  • 00:31: bright paprika peppers here we have a fragrant very smells in the autumn with vitamins carrots and we take potions for sharpness a lot of garlic and we will take red hot pepper also we need apples and directly itself cabbage filler ratio we are alone kilogram of cabbage on one kilogram of vegetables that is, we took for
  • 01:01: fillings eg floor kilogram as in our case is cabbage and sex kilogram we have here in the aggregate carrot pepper vegetables garlic and herbs I will say the proportion told you this if it will be a little more slightly less The deviations may be a little bit in different hand nothing terrible there so if you cook in your taste it will be only plus you such deviation is possible
  • 01:32: so we need cabbage with cabbage we must remove and leaves leaves shoot removes cob then I cut it out and how these would be neatly leaflets shoot like this i pull out the lid she cabbage leaves must be fit to size they should not be small also they
  • 02:02: should not be large to make us comfortable remove and do not break here we took the averages plugs as though most most times neatly I I take off leaves if cabbage is enough dense can be straight that's all kachar put a little bit warm the warm they are hot I was easier to film accurately take pictures so as not to break sheet with two such small medium
  • 02:34: shallow you about shot somewhere 12-13 leaves if you wish more proportions to prepare forks of course you need to take more I now put on cooker saucepan with I bring water to boiling and our leaves I will omit literally one or two Minutes so they became softer that we it was convenient for them in them spread out our salad vegetable
  • 03:04: so I proceed to we will pour the pan I add water a spoonful of salt in order for our leaves they are faster than steel softer and of course they did not have we are fresh prepare so follow the recipe for ceiling cabbage we are cut into one for salad this means highly
  • 03:34: and it is desirable for successfully chop cabbage knife against wanting cotton wool will will cabbage wrap if she will then the price will be the complexity of it work for large I rub my cousin go in slicing pepper pepper we took red again I will repeat very much
  • 04:04: aromatic unconditionally our salad and tasty and sharp and at the same time he is very very vitamins look how much do we have greenery what they are diverse and how rich they are vitamins principle this salad can be to eat and winter is excellent preventive from so much vitamin C that just very very big amount so before I do not know on on lettuce if pepper
  • 04:34: fairly large so you can cut on a quarter like me in our function I cut thin straws because all vegetables we will wrapped in body and from they must be compliant naturally fine finely chopped shredded than the less the better our water began to boil and I in boiling water lay out our
  • 05:04: leaflets as I will not all at once will help literally three by one four things to we were comfortable with them work in the spirit about a minute at two will be immediately visible how our leaves are limp Well, I will immediately be them pull out very it is convenient to work with two girls so immediately are preparing two minutes passed our weight became more flexible more
  • 05:36: soft such elastic here and their it is very important not to digest I showed in the ocean steel soft pvc I spreading red I cut the pepper seeds so that our merchants were such Sharp if not red pepper can add it take ground hot pepper so add it to taste so i'm cutting
  • 06:06: small enough fall asleep red pepper and now we need here this one is our stuffing here is this salad prepare such so that he could be cute to taste then we like to taste add one a tablespoon of sugar and one dining room a spoonful of salt is not forget forms
  • 06:36: we take for is ready not a room no other and that 's our proportion this will enough and start our salad is like this to dangle one's hands surely we are both it follows also to me need it now as should sweep memory to have it with us God has given soft so that was ready to be spoken by
  • 07:07: taste cook it completely buying so explicitly by hands about it will probably take 7 minutes or more if you take great about port then take the dishes also more so let's skip the garlic through the press my husband loves me very much when garlic streets now we have to here small
  • 07:37: restriction I love blues 1 step easier bird and kiev through press so here we are now destroy the greenery how much and which potions us class in our salad unconditionally green we should be put on taste that you love the greens you can experiment take different here we have dill I took my parsley favorite cent if
  • 08:07: wish you can by taste put basil we take very soft greens lettuce like this see stems I all cut off and and finely-finely sent one cut quantity can also be add to taste want more there can be more salad our prepare quickly enough for already
  • 08:37: probably a day through but three in a week will be just chic three days later you can eat in the forest stands for a week it will be easy specifically as it says so I cut down all it was delicious at home so and our business I I spread also in cache everything is mixed and
  • 09:07: our stuffing is like this Quickly ready salad and cabbage only in Korean is ready prepare fast enough I think that the most probably a long it is here to boil leaves and top looking how many are you want to make it you are scheduled some anniversary will be in three days you can cook it amount that
  • 09:37: you need a snack it will be very very delicious and guests will so happy so stuffing me I prepared now prepare a table for so that our fools to wrap we need enameled ware necessary for that to spread our cabbage rolls our salad gave juice good straight here if I'll click
  • 10:07: as follows even here the spoon after all it is visible that appears juice I tasted it We must now obligatory here in this moment try if not missing salt or sugar can add to taste if not enough pepper red here can still put can put in our very good, and I start wrapping our are golubchiki I take cabbage leaflet
  • 10:38: neatly and I spread in it stuffing fill a lot of stuff such that cabbage rolls enough dense if you have is the average weight of him Here it is a stump is sufficiently dense then here you can remove it girls in it do not interfered with here taste she will not betray only on the contrary I start wrap our turn a fool
  • 11:08: by the usual and put in the pan is spiritually in a saucepan I will not spread out what's on the bottom the pans we put Here is such a dried one dill also on the bottom pots I'm now I will upload apple apples I I cut here like this here are the kruglish and spread them to the bottom
  • 11:40: pots this is our brand rex years these fools very, very fond of her husband I always ask but will cook please my favorite stuffed cabbage rolls but I ask you and I do not cook I'm cooking because I want to I was asked and asked this dish is very fond of men she our vitamin I put it in a straight line on apples and such way I will
  • 12:12: spread the whole bottom apply tightly tightly to each other because from above our saucepan we we will put the goods so fruit to me suggested that the apple the first case I cut enough thick but because recipe always prepares I decided to fix it erroneous second layer I again covering an apple rather, the first layer of π
  • 12:43: cover the apple and again continuing our cabbage rolls stored our cabbage rolls fridge 1 month they should be eaten because it's great amount of greenery we cook them without vinegar at a small amount of salt therefore here term wound somewhere in them one month salad we have left it can in principle be
  • 13:14: eat and in this form we are a little above let's lay out our dandies are such there was some flavor delicious and a lot of me I will not upload because we saladin we so want to eat here for the flavor what could be better cabbage apples carrots such wonderful paprika garlic about what else You can dream of cabbage rolls chic festive festive
  • 13:45: good names so quickly we with you prepared them that's literally often I did not even pass put under oppression and I think that in three day we are obligatory eat them all pleasant appetite is not forget subscribe please go to our channel put like look for your recipe before new meetings before
  • 14:16: meetings