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  • 00:00: Today let's talk about how to dock or in its external inner corners ceiling or floor plinth When I was faced with this problem I I am using more than one ten meters plinth for this to interface used as called miter box with I saw here stuslo company put but during the marriage shaft because she insufficiently poorly saw off windows do not I began to use normal Hacksaw metal
  • 00:31: it is sufficient to carefully saws off obtained neat corners then before as enter directly engages plinth I would like to say a few words about the reduce plinth need choose if you the wall is not enough perfectly aligned to better engages in corners fit cockerel which smaller you flexible enough and alas, it turns out better the larger the plate with the must be perfect
  • 01:03: smooth walls so that Google has turned perfect butt then see captivity apply plate 100 in front of you should Left always guide us applying tusu left to right go to the right not to be confused then the sequence ceiling moldings applied to Bliznyuk side you on the miter box to the side is near
  • 01:33: floor plinth and on the contrary, they applied taste bow side of the outer you to sign Now I have seen bad move the camera a little bit closer, we will see after all the logic in this even if there let's say I was skirting enough smooching when that as well as to apply Now specifically analyze each angle or outdoor or
  • 02:04: ceiling moldings So let's start We start with the internal the angle of the floor here we deliver plinth We get the right angle This is the left-hand side right-hand side from where carry cut specifically for signed left home affairs cut like that I wrote this
  • 02:39: the parties do internal law internal come by the way is not flips way he should be submitted to the wall so he would not submitted to outside of the miter box right Here, too, the internal Subscribe to get me I am crucified with this sides we turned internal angle
  • 03:51: outdoor Now Let's do floor outer corner take and two Cletus not We forget it to wall so he applied and should applied for by Service is obtained at outer angle outwardly outdoor reserve
  • 04:23: white side read apparently left cut is left side insert The first part is ready the right side is sawn
  • 04:56: Right Right Outer but here we are It signed a deal cut on right sawed we are We receive an outside corner outdoor principle visible on the screen
  • 05:27: the pitch angle of the external now let proceed to ceiling Molding there is a little bit different the situation is as you can see floor plinth sawed smiling on the outside side of the miter box ceiling Molding sawn at close Miter side for clarity ceiling moldings I I show on this mail boxes and so now we do the outer ceiling
  • 05:59: at this angle a the left side is still there a time when you use ceiling Molding it turns out we Now we look at top of him in an ordinary the situation we are looking it slightly from below plinth when you look at it from above on the lower part of the track he overturns Now it turns on ceiling it should
  • 06:30: be contrary to We lay down on the miter box turn over in his Roughly speaking here We are not out of the plinth instructing calculate left outer We carry this with cut hand sawed off left side and We turn over roughly
  • 07:04: speaking We do read up right outer we get cut It is with this hand made cut Now it turns out we have external ceiling
  • 07:35: plinth if you put it on box you will see that Get external ceiling Molding let us now he made the ceiling for this Take 2 parts
  • 08:05: we get internal ceiling so he should look like so here is the same plinth We turn over the bottom plinth you're at it turns watching that's not the top top spletutsya should be in the chip on the top and part of which is closer to you left internal we cut being
  • 08:36: like this are putting plinth do cut sawed the left side the same right part not from the plinth be laid up read rights and internal the cut is carried out with this side here we have
  • 09:06: get the inside
  • 09:37: angle ceiling if you make it boxes roughly words here and so It looks like the inside ceiling angle basically anything complex here all signed right inner left
  • 10:08: outer left internal law apparently it's for sex it turns out we read Left within the meaning cut on the left side with the conduct this side, too, same for the ceiling right inner Left outer left internal law apparently we left and the right side We do not confuse us assume so
  • 10:39: as they are simply cut from different conduct sides and when it signed, in principle, it's comfortable and do not need to be seen every time break head as nevertheless correctly do that through the mind stop here Thank you for attention all the best you liked it video and you think this video is valuable information for you share data Video with its friends on social networking
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