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Free patterns of openwork lambrequins - Gilyoshirovany cliches — Yandex. Video  See details »

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  • 00:00: curtains and pelmets workshops for beginners patterns openwork swags or patterns for Hirsch tion and on fabric where to get if you do not can draw out simply go to the search box Yandex dial request drank jigsaw stencils choose to find go to section pictures and here
  • 00:30: a great choice for your creativity choose any picture opens in a new window click to save as your picture saved in so you You can find a huge quantity necessary for you pictures on you You can also dial
  • 01:01: curls its schedule will give search engine more great amount pictures you you can save and then you need in which the program can be increased or reduce selected you Pictures it go to the search engine again and type inquiry download paint net download
  • 01:59: this free Free trial that you can easy download site and then it use here a reference by which you can download this program I continue to keep run the file installation and here is how work with the program
  • 02:31: Now we look I want to show you how Using the software IPA You can change the size of the and some or Alice for this open the program go select the file daddy open in this case, is this one stencil
  • 03:02: open to start edit size that is, we need A4 size A4 is 21 centimeter on July 29 open image change the size and look at the size seal we have given the height of 2071 width 1390
  • 03:32: value immediately under the much as possible different We draw out the set 29 there is the most big return which we can build millimeter little because We will not forget if they are here this checkmark save proportions be sure to deliver why because they have We then when change any of
  • 04:02: the size of all the other sizes are increased directly proportionally partial here choose can stand pixels long select pixels centimeter to us It was comfortable work Hit arms the size of our changed to 29 the width of a 19 with these Currently hands overwritten so fine
  • 04:33: it just got bigger to have been easy to work here at We have no such. and in addition we are now resize go with you pick up the instrument selection rectangle the Now look here at us college ruled from 0 to 19
  • 05:04: obey this presentation We plan all size he same size figure girlhood y us the size of the space 19 half Now look here sheet size we have 29 select County Noting that there are from our 19 and a half well, let's take the rough 10 centimeters here therefore schoolgirls horizontal and
  • 05:36: vertical case in our situation 9 to 14 and a half the there will be coarsen as the sometimes the image like a dream 10 to 14 the execution there is room on 4 of the picture you can select the have half figure if we but we We want in this case, increased more could also region
  • 06:06: let's take half of the figure then we would have a this sheet be printed on in 100 format and style we do 4 sheets obtain A4 screen is a descendant best picture you become win This icon lick the allocation of click here identified conscience or our size hid April 10
  • 06:37: It became part of the size like a sheet of A4 Now select the file choose to save it offers save template Day just some puddles name busy the body has to maintain original file then we put here any number say yedinichku from coal stencil September 1 part retain saved in
  • 07:08: Daddy that of is on the brink pictures on and that's all hundred clue then there is a function Returns undo there can be preserved under so our file change can I'm here to cancel Now we are 10 to end leaf allocate and also the amount of We allocate 14 position that is, here is a Ben
  • 07:38: on the edge of the sheet feature is not cut off tool release here This was valos time and select the square difficulty previously select all that's It has done this for transfer program Now as to the ten and here again the 14 14 half of that is, we
  • 08:12: Choose the size punching action plan remained one for every region Now click exactly also cut behavior All overwritten file You now have you enter a file save it as a calling will front street that is, you see already preserved under our figure 1 is now in place
  • 08:42: Ones to put spoon amply cover save all keel Now we cancel again until that moment used Links and again exactly Similarly, we left tool allocation right in this area of pattern beginning from
  • 09:13: Now the corner and the lower you quite 14 half here to 10 that is, it's you later 3 part of our picture again all likewise we do push cut right allocation all one file a file is created save as also called changes to the stencil C grade
  • 09:44: save where all in the same folder keep our file Now back to me I not take away the remaining portion of the angle cross on I had 14 and a half for this Scale up to 10 All We shall do exactly the same that is so
  • 10:15: we divide into four pieces if we need more range we can be divided into 6 parts ie divided proportion to the Basket can be up to 8 which can fall the right amount how many times you increase the size press again Snip allocation clipped note try our resources file again retain save that is already
  • 10:45: chetverochku here put on previously saved mute All that is, is our all 4 of the figure preserved spatki Now we go into the daddy look this figure here they All times are also changing Now we draw on printing on the printer there are using it program allowed
  • 11:16: turn on and see that Here we printouts pressing on this portion our being said complement sum worse increased instead of 1 Liberty When we get 400 that feedback then hand taped simply glued strips I received a large image general, and the stronger sex to the treatment of different pretty simple just one unpack
  • 11:46: program rather simple All menus in Russian language that is if there are a lot functions work You can of photos overlay text Now using these on choose tools let the text if we want to impose on Figure sign not also present here may be our son home then different effects photo sharpness of shadows
  • 12:16: removing the effect of red-eye that is very simple program and takes This place is absolutely free download with the site ie manufacturers on the back tram years That's all I wanted you yawn to show what questions write about website Take it seems
  • 12:46: dear needlewoman full video courses learning tailoring curtains and soft swags making swags gang coverlets decorative pillows in technology buff you You can be ordered at sites drape point py and curtains sewing point RU