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15-minute complex of a chi kung for longevity and health

15-minute complex of a chi kung for longevity and health  See details »

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  • 00:00: let us invite you try several unique exercises for increase energy and vitality The following 15 minutes become for you hereby revelation for me it was as if I I found a gold mine on his back the courtyard exercises its origins in ancient art which often kept secret in
  • 00:30: For the next 15 minutes do them with me to feel their inner strength and access to its internal potential feel it right now stretch your arms in front is here and vigorously rub nails from each other This activates your internal energy that ancient They called qi life force it from her depends on your inner strength and your internal capacity take a deep breathe well again
  • 01:00: vigorously tweet nails apart take a deep Feel the breath energy is now Position the hands palms facing each other keep them here so you You feel in the hands of pulsing electricity This is the goal life force is now let's start exercise place
  • 01:30: hands on abdomen you often translate as the breath of life you You will be surprised by the forces and energy that will feel his the body at the end of this 15 minute complex after A couple of minutes stop and feel this movement energy your body and so First we put hands on abdomen we breathe slightly inflated belly so your aperture will sink chest cell will to relax and
  • 02:00: tension in the chest and heart will to weaken it will help you feel emotional balance reassure consciousness is a great start making deep breath blowing with the stomach slightly inflates and on exhale, the belly close-to-back exhale completely let's do it a few times breathe inflates the abdomen feel like relax your consciousness feel the energy in the center of his body exhale fully and relax
  • 02:31: again nice let's take a deep breath more more energy oxygen its body to breathe getting rid of stress tension and stiffness Now we will breathe it in motion It called breathing vertebrates it helps get rid of stress and tension nervous system and develops flexibility back position brush at hand shoulders inhale Look at the top straighten shoulders and
  • 03:02: open chest The cells were then rounded back coccyx lowered chin approaching the breast nice deep inhale exhale rounded back tailbone falls feel how flexibly your back all joints disclosed the spine is flexible muscle flexibility deep breath and exercise for spine help to get rid stress and
  • 03:33: voltage in the nervous system is exercise is good to do at any time day to add flexibility and energy back and body in Overall each time when you need charging Of course you can minute workout breathing vertebrates now slightly accelerate the pace synchronize breathing and movement See the breath up exhale rounded back breath look up exhale rounded back another deep
  • 04:04: inhale straighten thorax exhale Round back relax and now I will show you pressure points on which activates internal energy the body we start from the point of lungs after a deep breath is It is right connect tapping this point helps effective work light helps them better convert oxygen in vitality then we will move
  • 04:34: meridians energy channels and the steam arm and you You feel in the hands of electrical tingling 1. for tapping It is here make pleasant deep breath and exhale expand there and slam on that hand with the other hand down to the wrist and then another the hand go up to the neck and slam on the shoulders the inside here goes meridian and energy channels we shall do
  • 05:04: Make it three times chest deep breath exhale down the inside hands up on the outside and then the other hand there disclosed and relaxed take a deep breath activate easier to exhale burst and the inside then hands climb the the outer side of the neck and we start with a shoulder light
  • 05:34: energy opens moving hands and eliminates tension in the neck and shoulders once again a deep breath exhale down the inside upwardly along the outer side is now keep hands on the level of the chest is not touch a platter keep your distance several centimeters close eyes and feel pleasant electrical pulsation between thorax and light arms pay attention to
  • 06:05: feeling in his body after performing this exercise we We began to awaken internal energy your body to discover this magical force which is at you inside It does not need much time is now zaymomsya stretching which will eliminate tension in the neck and shoulders your arms in hand guiding them palms down herself fingers spread shoulders too direct down and side if at the same time you also
  • 06:36: prim chin you zadeystvuete so called line Lots voltage for cat tend to chronic tension here and thence down to forearm If you do a lot work for computer is beautiful preventive exercise against tension in the neck headaches mental stress and any problems with hands like carpal tunnel syndrome channel tilt head to the side bringing Uhahah shoulder in this case you should feel nice stretch in the other hand, do
  • 07:06: deep breath and exhale simply let's head slow roll on the back of the shoulder and then the front shoulder part repeatedly repeat this traffic in both the directions thus getting rid of stress and stiffness the tension in the muscles upper back and neck make pleasant deep breath and prolonged exhalation more time chin come
  • 07:41: chest pass to the other side bend your ear shoulder pay attention to the feeling in the neck and shoulder upper back and arms fingers spread direct hands down sides slow shift in head to the back of shoulder slow head rolls to the front of shoulder smooth rolls head back and forth repeatedly a deep breath full This prolonged exhalation
  • 08:14: It helps your body get rid of stresses in this field again deep breath head rolls down lingering to get rid of stress and strain muscles and chin chest is now lower hands full relax close eyes pay attention to feeling in his body feel improving circulation Energy from the neck it It goes shoulders down on his hands and accumulates on
  • 08:45: Your fingertips If you are in the palms You feel the heat or pulsation pricking it life force qi energy circulating in your the body we are now do another several exercises help awaken this life other power in the hands of stretch your arms forward palms up and lightly tap wrist and one But on another the inside wrists are acupuncture points responsible for emotional
  • 09:16: balance here directly on the inside wrist side emotional balance quality sleep prevention insomnia and these points can be use for not to adopt energy of the people we we just tapping these points palm facing the your face when this exercise you feel like your hand there more vitality More chi energy clap and wrists each other do nice deep
  • 09:47: breathe again Now I am well arms Bursting through the points on the inside wrist of one arm the outside other hands wrist palm facing the person you these rattles point to point emotional balance combat insomnia quality improvement sleep and cleansing the breast negative energy What do you god take a deep breath when you relax
  • 10:21: release market feel that these point active you aroused the electrical this vital energy power and it flows to your hands you while feel pay attention on the sensation in his body after a few minute sessions that beautiful ancient practice feel circulation and flow vitality following exercise
  • 10:54: smooth movements smooth movements multiplies life but strength and still very help calm consciousness sometimes called meditation movements they bring clarity your consciousness charging body vitality Hands up inhale dilute hands to the side flatten the chest direct cell palm up, and exhale inhale dilute hands to the side flatten the chest
  • 11:25: cage and fully exhale think about how stagnant or old energy leaving your body when bringing his hands together and when plant hands imagine that take new energy to recharge and refresh your body We get a new breath energy exhale and honey I slowed down a long, exhale until the the end of the exhale a slight pause in the five hundred and we energises
  • 11:56: exhale bringing his hands and let go of the old energy When you breathe in you breathe new life feeling as you exhale get rid of old energy let go of the past sanctified here Boot had his hands slightly slowly exhaling spreads his arms We exhale reduce more just breathe in breathe out Now place
  • 12:29: hands as if Please keep the ball attention on the sensation on a surface hands slightly move the hands to that was between 8-10 cm close your eyes and try feel the energy between your hands your body is full electromagnetic energy and when you perform these they exercise activate your internal capacity and you feel hold emits more power out of the hands of slightly in the whole body reduce the distance
  • 13:02: between palms and then gradually spread them again Keep the palms pay attention to feeling in them Keep the palms dissolve breathe when his tee palm were when hayti wake up long exhale your hands feel the heat or
  • 13:32: you think it two magnets that it attracted the push off this is your life force vital force is always inside the body shell it can be outside the body, and when you to perform such moves you feel current between his palms lower embraced and Now we take all this energy accumulated and minks it envelops the whole body and the reception It called the descent
  • 14:03: sky inhale gently lift hands gently exhale lower your arms feel nice waves relaxing energy reaching from the head down through all the if you need more energy healing a deeper just relax open yourself to them during this exercise in whatever the energy we do not
  • 14:33: needed during this exercise and Macy intention get it whether abundance of imaginative forces clarity of thought health and welfare or sense of balance and harmony in the still a deep breath put your hands on it belly we complete the full the exercise cycle as we started breathing deeply and
  • 15:04: listen to sensations in his topic you feel in a different way than before the beginning of exercise your mind over relaxed and more relaxed you feeling electrical the energy of this new force you opened a close your eyes and make another several deep broaching breaths listen to sense of the body with this method you need visualize invent or trying to achieve and
  • 15:34: it just happens an automatic just listen to his senses the body does not need anything visualize just feel allow yourself immerse yourself in present and be fully relaxed lower hands and relax Thank you for participating I hope you liked