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  • 00:00: in this video I'll be making a lathe it'll be a mini lathe and I don't go in a lathe I've never known to leave so I don't really know how to use them but this is what I come up with and I'll show you how I made it to start up I'll use some of this threaded rod and that is to make this spur Center and the spur live Center
  • 00:30: - just the drill and make it keep it
  • 02:03: perfectly aligned I've made this little block and it can be adjusted so I place this rod in the drill and I will tighten it up and adjust this block so everything is level so now I'm going to line up the till
  • 03:01: stock to the headstock and I just put this in temporary it'll make a mark on the till stock so I can add the barrel so I'll just slide it and there's my mark so I'm going to install this into the wood and I first round it off the edges and now I'll just hammer it in so my lead works pretty good if the
  • 05:45: first time I've ever used to lead so it was fun to build and the pieces that I mean this one here did turn out very good but it was my first time and it was good to test don't believe the next one I did was a with a piece of oak this one turned out nicer but I still need to get used to the lathe so I thought I'd move on to an easier piece and I've built this one a little tool handle I really
  • 06:17: like this one so overall the lathe works good need some more tweaking but I'm sure I'm gonna use it a lot I have some other things I'm gonna do with it so you'll see what's coming up so thanks for watching