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  • 00:00: Hello and welcome Welcome to the brink of your comfort is not enough time to full training then it 10 minute video as a just for you you need dumbbells and stool Vodicka but will perform each Exercise 45 seconds to start sit-ups with live dumbbells from above note knees do not extend beyond the level of your socks legs try take a seat
  • 00:36: below parallel floor to work out good buttock muscles and lead hip muscles breathe properly breath exhale inhale exhale 5 more seconds, finished proceed to push
  • 01:10: with the knee if you it seems too easily you can be wrung classical push-ups inhale when lowering exhale when lifting do not stop keep pace even 5 seconds again
  • 01:56: Well done to turn squat I jumped out try to sit down below parallel chips push off breathe properly correctly squatting breath jumps exhale more 10 seconds
  • 02:39: stop Now you will 15-second rest yet a little bit Well done restores 15 seconds can make a couple of sips of water if you think that the 15 seconds for you you enough Click on the video pause turn to lunges with a show dumbbells for biceps takes a step forward and go down lift weights if it's for you
  • 03:18: hard you without lunges lifting gazelle Well done to turn
  • 03:48: push-rub when lowering unit exhale when lifting be careful to your back was parallel to your and that no reliance move too far back to the load is not He passed on his shoulders If you long for it hard you bend more leg or push-ups from table If you believe that
  • 04:20: you need rest take rest one or two seconds and continue on the one turn to attacks on jump We do not give up another 15
  • 05:12: seconds two more times and 15 seconds restoration take a couple of sips water turn to next round We do Romanian cravings
  • 05:43: with springs on his feet shoulder width holding dumbbells spatula connected kolenochki voltage We get down taking his pelvis back and arching back we climb over by reducing gluteus 3 account each point squeezing as much as possible yagodichki We come to thrust
  • 06:31: dumbbells in the slope to every work unusual and through for folders first, connect the blade and then hold out elbows up I am doing exercise feel the muscles that should work in the kitchen tremendous work dorsi is exercise helps hone your waist another 20 seconds go to the pole
  • 07:18: cotton we jump raising high knees up and hit the top point knees palms there hold such that afford you We stop for another 15
  • 07:54: seconds and the last time fellows raise if you recall We need to recovery more than 15 seconds Click on the video pause but to the result was noticeable we must still work through force lie down on the floor and
  • 08:24: We do gluteal bridge with his feet on a pedestal Stand with your feet a chair or on the floor, make ups of the pelvis squeezing buttocks the top point We go to the Romanian
  • 09:11: traction with dumbbells zhimom feet shoulder width kolenochki on a spring friend us on the console taking his pelvis back omit the law down rise due to reduction without further muscles We are doing curls and the top of the biceps the point of doing the same dumbbells another 15 seconds
  • 09:48: give up recently left exercise fellows one gantelki leave second clean away we do jumps Gandhi through 45 seconds go recently, pull baker
  • 10:19: exercise remains 30 seconds five seconds finished
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