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Calculation of the resistor for a light-emitting diode (The circuit designer on two fingers)  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello people there alone People asked me, how to calculate the resistor LEDs on the business calculation elementary easy to you need to know only a few I am a single therefore a simple formula let look at We have LED we need to know voltage and who and what effect it current consumes voltage denoted by the letter u and may be e.g. two volts on the
  • 00:31: it is different in the case Depending on the different different LEDs voltage on which they work all can learn from characteristics when purchase or princes Internet information pretty common and amperage to light for small LEDs it is approximately equal to 2000 2 amps but written it as 20 milliamps
  • 01:03: and they need to know voltage source Food let it Now we will Battery Well it does not matter What she Example 12 let it be 12 volt battery let us here and so write, and so now let's draw here's a simple scheme have our battery Here it is worth our
  • 01:36: LED's and parallel to it, we energized our which resistor must remove all too much and put on LED only these two volts and so look here, we 12 volts to resistor It takes two means not on the resist on
  • 02:08: LED means resistor must consume 10 volts In order to calculate resistance we need is such simple formula r still have to divide and in this our 10 volts here So we write 10 and here is our consumption
  • 02:38: LED in amperes ie 002 it came just nearly 1,000 2 if we take all it will divide the world 500 of ie for power two volts per LED will light 12 V need only only one resistor if the nominal value of 500 ohms for example, we want to
  • 03:11: feed not 12 volts and Well let say 5 you need a formula 5 minus 2 to put the It has 33 to 002 is 150 m the calculations may exit such that resistor
  • 03:41: suitable denomination Since there is no need to take a greater next by number standard of 80 and pick up in principle problem eye will not notice the difference between e.g. dog 150 where it there is a class of 180, he not notice it there is not me two volts there 18's so the easiest way to pick up resistor and so if for example we want to
  • 04:13: battery connect several LED in you can do it different ways that for example there can be do like this time 2 3 new that is, if
  • 04:49: again e.g. Here let it be 12 V means vaal tattva volts and two volt then stay here 6 night again all extremely easy u600 2 is equal to 300 it