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  • 00:00: Hello, I'm here today. I want to make potato baked the oven is crispy too, just quickly as a garnish to anyone meat to fish and all the rest what do I do take somewhere kilogram of potatoes if you need more you can have more of me here kilogram about then so cutting Here I am like this cut this potato size show how to show how I do it in half and here this part is also on three parts are there
  • 00:30: the potatoes are larger can be 8 shots cut into me it turns out like this here are 6 lobules then took clove of garlic such was a denticle 1 finely chopped need through the forest send without a difference as you wish too seasoning here absolutely any garlic pepper to taste again salt I will add a teaspoonful I think
  • 01:02: there are many in depending on the salt then half the tea spoons so she was not too salt I do not like frozen products can be dried greens dry garlic if you do not like garlic so fresh that is our looked somewhere two or three spoonfuls of it mix and yet once you are a vegetable oil too folders well
  • 01:32: about we wet on the cabin and not very abundantly so spoon 2 dining rooms will vegetable oil everything is mixed to or we will not start it was stir still know need to add little bit crackers homemade if there are no
  • 02:03: add this clearly bread remains not throwing away just she ground there just a little bit of bitterness stirred stirred a plate or you can than a 15 stand up so that everything is soaked then we will send an oven so the potato is mine stood for 15 minutes in season
  • 02:34: take a baking tray we cover with paper for baking baking and here we put all potatoes distribute to a pan way to tissue potato it was like separately from each other friend it is desirable that not for an order to withdraw so here I am spread me out straight it's all right pan for the whole potatoes
  • 03:05: fit then heated the oven to 200 degrees I place on average level both in and out of find the minutes probably 30 and 40 may be depending on potatoes bake all potatoes, well do you want a little I will be accepted
  • 03:35: checked the plate knife and baked all the teeth you see as softness and sticks just stood by me so now I will say 40 minutes in such a a little while will cool and will good paper walk until the potatoes me I want to cool warn
  • 04:05: no hot potatoes some plastics they know little Then one is or poly paper you see the cold is good already is straight so am complexity level to hot if you shoot it is possible that he it will be a little bit like come up but from everywhere a personal such are obtained delicious me tried already here
  • 04:35: so now we impose and we will collect the object is y me garner give only the fleet with such recipe for meatballs see in the tooltip in the video will be if
  • 05:05: interestingly well here such an idea for lunch who wishes can also diversify your menu potatoes aromatic garlic gives tasty vodka so that can do to everyone pleasant appetite good health until till