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  • 00:00: good afternoon mine favorite viewers today i want you show me how I reproduce roses that there are they then me grow ground now I will prepare the land here is mine
  • 00:30: chernozem clean then what is on top here poured and I will add waves loudly below add a map for disinfection is not is normal slightly desirable of course add grandmother of the river sand but I do not have here and
  • 01:00: on top I add more earth so I grow up these are blossom is here such here is here she bandaged and here is this yellow just she faded after as at that's villa rosa and here I'm cutting off eg take something sharp and
  • 01:31: cut off do not look what so cruelly just so it turns out because one hand is not convenient here us by example here these two 2 cut off and I will show very certainly not convenient with one hand just did not explode there was a camera and we need make slices and leave one here one as if a process and
  • 02:03: here I am cut here so here I am left one here left 2 of 2 there are also two and this the flower is cut off and now we need cut off of course leaves and it turns out Here's an example again at
  • 02:35: I have four such cuttings and now us you need to plant them prepared veins his knife stockings from the same but if you do not saw that I cut them off obliquely so one cutting 2 3 and 4 You can also remove
  • 03:07: chips I do not do this after how we planted I water them at my place of course it turned out more is for examples I now have them watered and you can hide the hide there is such a white agro spam fabric they can be called to hide but in extreme ways as many hide but I this it is not practice and not
  • 03:37: I hide them to me so it does not get bad you can of course just in priming there is no want ground can be somewhere in the pot or here such here specifically for this for nurseries such dishes washing and closer to the fall probably they are already must give roots and I their transplanted soil and I hide so there will be questions on ask roses with
  • 04:07: I will gladly answer all Thank you for attention all bye bye