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CREAM AGAINST WRINKLES, we do | Irina Belaja

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I'll welcome I have video of it asking many a girl I want to do Creams their hands for person This way is very good lift all this cream I I take a very long time I have a recipe permanently recorded my old notebook I have a little book but generally two cream I use a cream I do for the winter already winter ends
  • 00:31: so I will do it closer to fall for him we need to of cream wax beeswax can take a very good and By the way, this wax Whip the cream until creamy the state of this cream a little bit easier but not Still worse, I his love this cream but this cream very fat so they need to use It is on this night start can be said very good cream Lifting very good
  • 01:02: of this cream I was very a long time did not use none at all then creams I enjoyed many climate and it is not L'Oreal I enjoy and oriflame I like the cream well, here is how well home cream me more but like move this cream I said he was very so fat I eat using only at night and somewhere two hours before you lie down sleep This cream is applied to have clear skin After you showered wiped
  • 01:33: face and tonic have caused this cream just 20-30 minutes we We keep on the face then the excess cream cream we just remove and in general, all well, It can still be very well I after I like a tidy surplus just wipe the face mineral Vodicka or I have Such is Vodicka I can say bought cosmetic
  • 02:03: vodichku in oriflame and she eating and I take this and that is cosmetic Vodicka they need make any tonic you can simply daisy crank wipe person literally a little bit then the cream and you can go to bed and so this cream made us need of Here a small yolk I have introduced a pavilion yolk I was a big egg I took the skin poloninu this yolk one egg yolk us need olive oil sea salt very
  • 02:33: fine salt usual petrolatum cosmetic It needs vitamin A. and will need to brew camomile We can not speak Only you can daisy Krapivko curtain We need to make Calendula in general Any grass that you like this I am not fundamentally Now open your old tetradochku because this recipe continuously with I'm going to do for me
  • 03:03: recipe since I I do every six months and Of course this cream as a would never again quickly did not remember can be taken not only olive oil and instead of olive Oil can be taken almond oil you before that I did I was to take almond oil and now I will do to I alternating olive grow growing means we need half yolk or very small zheltochek as tea spoon of olive
  • 03:33: oil or almond in general, it is like you have if you want to do more than just that deuce spoon member olive oil teaspoon sea edible salt small with all this petty kinda like would peeling and is guinea salt at all
  • 04:04: very, very useful Body you are at sea when you need to bathe more to be in the water in order to body You were such a elastic that it I forgotten here at camomile me under such daisy cap, we just introduced a bag chamomile flooded boiling hot This hot water can be bag boil somewhere else minutochek Ten baths make but need
  • 04:36: just two spoons chamomile all we need 10 drops of Vitamin A Brazil yet we need sure honey carted need just as the fat for
  • 05:07: consistency of cream can be good beat with a wooden spatula can whisk the usual whisk raccoon therefore I write a video and recipe the end of the video started I needed I repeat one more time small yolk tea spoon olive oil teaspoon sea
  • 05:37: salt tablespoon Chamomile tea spoon honey and vitamin A. 10 drops and jelly it turns out that's a here's a little here somewhere too tea spoon is all very good to whip to a creamy masses just whisk well it all
  • 06:08: whisk to us all united and prepare necessarily in a jar which you will be yes all shift and this is very good to whip even You can shake up well mixer only cup full of need Vaseline will take 1 still separated of fluid and he it turns out that's a Here's how releases but that's okay, he is stored in refrigerator and therefore there under I'm getting cold now hand if you see plastered
  • 06:39: it is brilliant delicious smells very simply super shea butter if you have Shea butter can add and that's We reserve 20 minutes now I'm Overfishing he A liquid's So watery but as I said in refrigerator posts is not the main thing that all OK Salt everything well broke and sent
  • 07:09: But in a jar and We put in fridge very gently I put usually spars have I take wooden spatula uk And so prevented scored by our thou art gone and face straight and here such nanoshu moves you He hatches nanoshu It will be sweet so stick sure that kill the hair clean that they are not
  • 07:40: It was that could then calm it all rinse and here and so then smearing body as you can see is spread very well it is due stripped for at least Vaseline there with equal pieces will have you swim and leave this is all for 20 minutes the skin becomes Gorny Gorny pulled way if you will be Daisies on calendula
  • 08:10: or add the nettles you can still flooded and the sword tonic is very good for the skin green teas It tones the skin and the next morning you will not bags under the eyes this we all leave like it all simply remove even I Now I take a tea bag I brewed a he still tepid and and all the while so here I wash off
  • 08:41: Just this pod and wipe the face simply wipe doily carefully All I try not to tonic and wipe natural or Login as mineral I have said or just make here bag yesterday I was here Super Skin you
  • 09:12: Look at this hand me if we'll see this hand and it is lubricated there is a difference dry hand and this is where time before I I talked until I it will be prevented from I soaked and very pleasant smell just super herbs smells something so not tasty I can convey very student very the effect is very good on the face if we are right I am confused then here you are the man it is very kind of pen
  • 09:42: well Lichk exactly just so do not sweat it will be liquid or lowering it very good thing I have I strongly advise cook yourself this cream how to use it, I and another told me Mask has a very good face it is by the way very good substitutes Botox How do I know I when I started work I have girlfriend her salon and woman beat us there was a doctor, she pricked
  • 10:12: Botox was very probably for a long time or 10 We gave ten years ago Botox is only just I walked as if in a fashion I may say so, and It has not always been it very well but we do a prick Girls do I Of course this is nothing not doing all that I yet it is also not have to do Of course the time will come maybe I will to do so here, this mask is very good replaces botox so I would I do not know the video but as soon as try because
  • 10:42: work a lot a lot of pans and I still cooking it to mix and very heavy so I all I strongly advise to make this cream and try by using this I think cream girls you very very I even like husband sometimes they use so that all all love-kiss Be always beautiful always well maintained and that You always true Always a favorite and to love themselves all until we meet again subscribe to my channel and meet in
  • 11:12: next video Rollers all bye bye a