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  • 00:00: all the good guys day you are on channel do together I'm just denis before the video I want thank it who has Subscribe to my channel thank you large and appreciate your attention will try on make interesting video for you about today we'll talk all I wanted do initially one video, I'd like you talk about the choice Trimmer Care I have a beard so I would Share your experience operation which better recommend like as I did the video review Swiss knife if we have not seen You can look at STS channel. I leave by video
  • 00:30: but my father asked me to brush and say so technical his service Swiss knife Well Now it's his knife This is my husband shot saw the review that to do well in First you need it I polish your nose polished You can see here he looks like Now because I am I'll gloss Now showing the screen you will see more two photos of him I looked and how he I hit a stick and respectively, too thing to do with a knife my father and looks
  • 01:01: because he is from shabby scratched here are the general large enough Kotska it should be polish and father I asked about it I was curious How can I do that and generally clear nose so too did before Then I want you to talk about the three ways but page we have here stories I have here but I am telling I tried some of them, I realized that it is not they really work and work on the sleeve of a guy I'll I discuss three ways which tasted like
  • 01:31: they work and what one suits better so that they see will be communicated interesting is heading life hacking went So let us closer to case polish today we use three other things first save this here Such is the second species
  • 02:02: distributor of various grain and glazer Felt pipes polishing products let's order Start with the first to first option polishing, we will use paste Gentiles, and that's a cloth felt like a cloth is honest He is picked up from the council which wipes the dust and that it is important to even when choosing mouth when choosing here this cloth than cloth this is now it is harder here the more to be
  • 02:32: deliver a divorce but respectively, will be More polished than the softer heart to turn out a mirror so I I take the average cloth because she has to drop me already I tried Polish and I reported this to you I talk about paste paste clothed me to light green color and the way it is it is important for choosing Article little information you get a warrior He pulled from Wikipedia this information read you what in Paste GOI GOI paste it He revealed himself in State optic of state Mathematical Institute at three-letter acronyms which means
  • 03:02: grinding and polishing pastes based oxide chromium used to grinding and polishing steel non-ferrous alloys Solid metal los mas glass polymer ceramic Materials and Products are not worried Only for metals suitable for most different surfaces and here on the choice of the jaws should be taught and consider the following the nuances all posts are divided battle into four types respectively each marking 1234 from this labeling It depends on the number of in the jaws of an oxidant this temple than its
  • 03:33: more that it turns pasta first she goes darker that is, the darker post the less it the grain longer will obtained SLR blitz post number one for clean polishing give processing surface the luster that what we need mirror blitz post number two it goes too dark-green but It is closer to the light that with the help of her you can do for fine polishing It gives the treated surface luster Musa look what 1 1 3 they post about
  • 04:03: identical in their structure 3 post for the average shelf wipe already can be identified as a average number three though average resurfacing and 4 for rough Grinding gives a matte surface applied removal the smallest of crayfish Now unfortunately we on the market for sale Only this is the fourth option positions she goes the bright but it does not will give the mirror it on surface that I would like but would still like that there is something there we we will work We will work with
  • 04:33: first method first way thing is I'll paste Apply to the cloth will look here and so I applied to the fabric, and then take and here such a move we polish the knife I will not tell you the whole process show because enough I say uninteresting you just what we 10 minutes and pinpoint
  • 05:03: look at result Well guys passed Ten minutes later I polish already this knife by hand You can watch here cloth so much hands on it here posts smeared and the result I think you will see we will see a little Now this country that was more it has become smooth little bit better more glossy the other side there
  • 05:34: where large scratches clear case for It remained the same in eventually making a conclusion about As time is suitable for polishing to life all by itself as a great an accessory that It helps polish different products not sure it will morjim stainless steel gold silver but absolutely any metals but not come with your deep enough you first need to take lessons and scratches only then start polishing Pasta will be well let us now we
  • 06:05: We try the same to do on a sunny round kids will like polish on racing circles here so I've got a dead body the machine tool and it include'm not going because it will noisy, I'll show you how is going on polishing include machine around begins to rotate we take the tray true touch, it's cool and shameful circle so she ate so this was typed paste When the pasta is all will be sufficient
  • 06:35: when we can start polishing well, you can We are putting like this Now there is no fear of his Well pressed strongly but it is not necessary to press cables shy down one side and the other side note be a need careful with this Polishing someone why Well first let pieces he can not, he closed not formed not on finger and the second cut yourself a nuance These dice are here made of plastic and if they put to this circle, they will be melting
  • 07:05: careful when I He polished his knife that small flaws Get you can That's what I see polished and machined so let's book 10 minutes pinpoint polish and see the result that we have got you have on
  • 08:07: polishing felt plugin remains has passed, let's look at see results You see already look but there was a scratch who were they but remained on the other The face looks like beautifully it turns out have little such small associates barely noticeable but the result is enough good in the end that you can tell if your house has stanochek which you can buy hair how to polish the it's really classroom can be any products
  • 08:37: metalloplastika where quite beautiful By the way where a reference you can buy pasta goyim tormunda number two that fits I polish I leave a video as a reference to felted circle you can also deal buy a different machines even under grinder if you I am also interested in I put a video and more me my cameraman I asked why show how who do not work with You see perfectly how We would not get ya in order to show that is, that the work that does not work the same to decide for themselves how option will suit you of you can not be very you scratched
  • 09:07: the second approach option if you just need to add shine on at the same time as a belt buckle soldier agents GOI polishing paste you will approach the first variant well as to the ideal will suit you more option that we consider Well, let's move on in a third method which seems to me everything will be better suitable and correct our defects on the knife let me make mirror class this method, I, too, I looked on the Internet Arina channel Spock Yes there will be
  • 09:37: a reference for video at the bottom you will see go to channel the person is engaged have knives production of filth roll come many and feature all different interesting channel Build go if you're interested What is the essence method is working with sandpaper I bought our please sensor Here I note these nazhdachki they are all different in grain from one hundred Two hundred and eighty forty even goes 500 800 1000 1502 2 500 Now all these
  • 10:13: nazhdachki us need for to work on gram that is, we queue and we will take polishing these nazhdachki minutes since closely with a major cleaning respectively largest kingdom in knives and finishing little that is 250 It is the minimum grain is polishing first me there was narrowed 180 it's big grain which transfer order to remove twist scratches on knives than It is the essence method still first polish 7 nazhdachkoy a row and then last that
  • 10:44: 250 is yes, we here latest nazhdachka we washed it letter to them than nazhdachku we are legion soap nazhdachkoy polish well, so It turns on the conscience mirror That is just a very is seen on video where a man tells how he is white but the the process is not shown interesting to all videos show you as a way honest worker and check it 3 does not so how do I He polished his knife I the same thing almost making work now sandpaper and then It leads up to the felt club you
  • 11:14: We have seen that I have let's just work gulf nazhdachkoy business will not work then on otpoliruem as we will do a third way 3 Ways to us need nazhdachki about I showed them cut such small squares that is convenient to them work required laundry soap last wheelbarrow milling look like and you get need Vodicka why Vodicka Well wait visually at work and destroy some people would have us very nazhdachku like sandpaper elite
  • 11:45: I take and so Lena it was more convenient to her work further We will work brother I took a major task a country that normally it will not not to scratch more attacks which is more soon we will elaborate on this nazhdachki and will change nazhdachki work around I think I will hour attach it took about five to ten minutes, as the
  • 12:15: I'm working with sandpaper I was washing yet used I worked with current normal nazhdachkoy mochilovo Vodicka you can adjust the game turned result room and thousands have scratches were here aldeady no in the other hand it's a bit shabby but we know that using post its you can quickly fix
  • 12:45: but I really I want to try to work with soap like sandpaper He offers us a video another way and look at results here and so but it looks to all It was fair Now we will work with soap and sandpaper how we work still very and we lay down and take
  • 13:18: somewhere will like sharpening is not as convenient or they see the world that's so good abundant or different sides and everything is the same Getting Started We are working on so the very same This style will working somewhere about 20-30 minutes and after that see you on result of work Half an hour on the emery with soap and water but were
  • 13:48: so here the result Let's see look like surface but honestly not say what like it I turned slightly flax but dullness also present such stripes divorce has little they are not quite here an option that I wanted I can compare said two pins If you for stealing knife and you have cloud circle the first fall in love nazhdachkoy then on
  • 14:19: felt circles with paste box if you No rights can be Polish it can be polished nazhdachki is just He is trying to better Time worked better say changed his mind work has half an hour at least another hour, we We obtain already outcome so now I We need to polish on I do not seem see a knife It turned after I handled it at felt circles on my perfect
  • 14:50: I get out of this side too, see excellent surface rovnenko net glitters well as for me as for me the result sorry Well it's all the same like you tell this video if you I liked the place
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