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TOP of 10 reasons to be on friendly terms with Scales to each zodiac sign  See details »

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  • 00:00: top 10 reasons to be friends with weights for each of us unique sign Zodiac Scales the only one in horoscope which submitted to inanimate subjects but people born under this familiar sociable and pleasant a number of character traits their weight in gold for example a symbol of weights means fair justice in which the truth will only be in place of truth and
  • 00:30: no other way balance of forces life amplitudes best of all support and people weights of the dualistic verse of nature makes simultaneously take into account both sides in any situation and to choose unerring solution wisely and carefully start date of the period weights are autumn day equinox special value has and the elements of which they this air their actions are the same clean and transparent but other than that people scales have a number of other
  • 01:01: qualities that will definitely do their best friend of one scales know how to balance and maintain a balance people are drawn to scales when they arise problems because they are take a look at the situation on the part they weigh everything existing points vision before draw conclusions and to give advice scales are never promise to solve any your problem but when they come necessity
  • 01:31: really endeavors to to help you with them the ears are the most compassionate in world if you need emotional support contact to the scales they wash away some of your worries and doubts nothing breaks inner world of weights stronger than negative around them, all the people from environment should have a positive energy and avoid conflicts if this is not there is a scales disappointed in people and stop with them
  • 02:01: It is worth knowing the scales are not will be friends with you if you are bad man for the sake of friends will be ready and come to an agreement with the devil 2 scales exude charm they are easy like people because that they rights compel feel interesting and important they are beautiful listeners scales well aware of your feelings and emotions and they can do fine predict consequences of their others' actions but all because they are
  • 02:31: very observant have the exclusively good skills perception they seek to converge with people who need them like looking for long friendly relations in the same time they do not like may surface people will exclude you from your circle of friends immediately if noticed for you falsehood and hypocrisy 3 weighing scales nature they are also susceptible to in fact are interested in what happens in life in their friends even
  • 03:01: if they have conflicts they are fast and smoothed by his charisma and kindness 4 scales romantic they love deep and with all my heart if you Lucky and loved you one of the people born under this sign can be sure you are in good hands The scales want their partners knew felt that about them they care are capable of small pleasant surprises and broad gestures if you had
  • 03:32: or continues romance with weights know that not happened you will be remember it all a life scales dedicated partners and lovers which put your needs above their own but they are not inclined to believe in love from the first glance in relationships they cautious and with them you you can hardly count on fast sex they are looking for strong bond 5 scales are diplomatic from no one
  • 04:02: copes with awkward situations better not them they known diplomats and with ease explain any strangenesses and while doing it stylish and heavenly elegance to the weights like being in surrounded by others people just laugh hours to discuss all kinds of absurdities and or difficult questions that's what makes them happy scales creative souls who need dialogs and even scales always reach success in social
  • 04:32: life because never stop at their ladder achievements they can not stand mediocrity and always requires more and from yourself and from others 6 scales are natural they have magnetic appearance though of course far from all of them can be count as handsome and beauties their beauty in naturalness in this reason and not you need to persevere work to make one's own appearance of a prominent
  • 05:02: they do not achieve recognition but all equally receive their scales are under influence of the planet Venus which is long time was identified with the goddess of love and beauty scales appreciate beauty in all in friends in loved people in art in writing in music and they definitely more other bother with the interiors their homes they are proud of their have a taste for it full right and the main thing they do not apologize for the fact that
  • 05:33: loves the beautiful and nice things in their life 7 scales ideal colleagues and supervisors scales are able to control other people's energy and not uses this skill in mercenary purposes they are able motivate a team force her to work at the limit opportunities and this avoids any conflicts are simply not consider it necessary spend time on them scales refer to work with genuine interest and value
  • 06:03: healthy relationships in team and themselves do everything to support it harmony and relaxed concentration 8 scales intellectual scales air element so always tend to self-development paramount meaning for them has the power of intelligence they always preserve ability to think rationally in any situation are constantly looking for and find ways to optimization of workers and household processes but all because they are
  • 06:34: can not stand work in extreme conditions therefore they do everything not to bring situation to the limit of 9 scales know how to appreciate beautiful and they very cultured people appreciate their social environment and nature they are usually read well informed and they are stylishly dressed in equally appreciate and colorful sunset and deep educational conversation 10 scales idealists they always
  • 07:04: they are looking for the best the most perfect the most harmonious way to live life in an ideal world everything balanced and justly in this world does not happen confrontation and conflicts of course this The ideal world is not there is this the main thing disappointment in life for scales so they are constantly seek to achieve your personal perfection scales did not they will always seek way to do it
  • 07:34: better or faster sometimes it hinders them enjoy the current moment but what to do so is the price aspiration to excellence all the best and if video turned out to be you are not forget to click on button like and subscribe