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  • 00:00: Good day dear Gardeners you Tatiana I'm glad all welcome to its channel harvest in the garden today Video I want you show and tell pickling recipe Cucumber is our his family recipe for many years he did not Vinegar contains simple to prepare and thus cucumbers They can be stored at room temperature for two or three years three-liter jar
  • 00:31: we need approximately two sheets horseradish somewhere for two umbrella dill together with sprigs February 3 leaf Blackcurrant 2 cherry leaf 2 garlic cloves and Hot peppers on that is, if desired Who likes spicy But if I am not to confused where urgent say where emotion not an island in the banks
  • 01:01: I put pepper I usually marked then they are more sharp So that we do I put on the bottom All our herbs on top and the area I do not like I like to put on a race if there is a root fuck it all perfect well horseradish with mandatory pickling cucumbers
  • 01:31: It can be taken only some stalks ie leaves themselves here clean and take Only the stalks so cucumbers just put more It fell not necessary dill need it It gives a unique I taste the cucumbers dill I put straight the whole Example umbrellas if dill can be no take just Semenov and somewhere in the dining room
  • 02:01: a spoon for about 3 liter water jar just dry family Basically, too, will replace I wish that's not bad put into three parts cut hot pepper and garlic roughly into three parts each clove cherry and forget put two leaf Vishnu and now laid cucumbers
  • 02:35: to more than entered cucumbers in a jar lower bed in the bed and I stack standing at This tilting Bank time convenient to do I usually cucumbers I try not to add salt large but since all still not different the size of the down, I I try to be laid grow larger in cucumbers and It has a top layer go cucumbers that is, their smaller
  • 03:05: so, too little calls for laying rammed by denser but without too much effort so as not to traumatize cucumber on the knee I did not ie crop the treasure entirely while I soap banks are willing to greens
  • 03:35: I had cucumber soaked in cold water for about half an hour It may well be through I try to max do it on possible so cucumbers they saturate with moisture emptiness rule out if they have Well this is the wish Cucumbers should be necessarily the freshly picked So I have now it literally an hour ago half pulled cucumbers
  • 04:05: for now. was there cucumbers Fresh straight only the beds are now very many already cucumbers even have time engage twist my that is, as a conveyor See lower layer I put him standing very so much part cucumber if their sketching as firewood Now just distribute they are not very delta then compact obtained so here watch alone lower layer and has cucumbers boredom he went
  • 04:35: so that all I recommend laid so well already top layer already there and but as it turns out Again, all the emptiness I I fill a small cucumbers very much to me usually enters ie then to report at This method does not accounts shift from one bank to another because then they
  • 05:06: still a little bit how to subside see as voids all filled small train that is still in the lower layer over larger cucumbers go top layer already underway cucumbers smaller always possible to garden of cucumbers find different sizes small cucumbers
  • 05:40: they are usually the most delicious in the end obtained say how much I cucumbers almost it is almost an entire bowl He entered into a three-liter bank probably all see how that's us you need a cloud we now have I do have to 3-liter spiders I I take 3
  • 06:11: incomplete without slides tablespoons salt if you have spoon big premiere of the the door can be heaped if small then three without this assembly slides should not be dissolve Vadim separately here this shorter warm you can pour immediately jar and add water and then the bank
  • 06:43: shake vigorously better still, he previously dissolve the salt process just is not important everything is much faster so we do take a clean cold water and fill the jar to hydrochloric spill mouse closing the solution
  • 07:14: a nylon cover to how salt residues better dissolve all so little stryahnom the bank Then I take another dish
  • 07:45: I put on a plate and clean on solar place for two to half days here this point is very important it is sunny place and it is on two and a half days here to eg today the fifteenth 16 am means 17 is two days 17 night we have to roll up our banks ie exactly two and a
  • 08:15: half days you and ask if I no sunny window or solar space if necessary bright warm place because in the dark fermentation process to your going wrong that is intensively this moment should definitely then to teach in and finally the taste of cucumbers It was the one that we need and so that banks do not exploded ie they should not and are not to Kvass and I know distortions There are other recipes
  • 08:45: somewhere he threes day and so on my recipe strictly two with and a half days it's desirable in a sunny spot the fermentation process Kvasha will not go very intense that is why we put meaning on stand because Water will pour of the brine will pour in the fall here in poddonchik it must also to take into account here is I want to say that really I love dump here in such small banks
  • 09:16: one and a half liters liter here put exclusively small in gurochki It can also be optional add pepper will very sharp little such savory at This method of salting cucumbers are obtained very crunchy and suitable as a tasty for salads for consumables and just how to eat remarkable snack here so that Opt for bright sunny place on 2 half day for
  • 09:46: all kinds of salted ok I I use salt stone middle milling Class extra salt iodized salt salting CED fit It took two and a half days we You must be drained pickle cucumber from the jar for this very convenient to use Now such caps deserve our
  • 10:17: a fully as in a bank occurred intensive process fermented pickle I poured part Rosava and therefore it is necessary be sure to pour some water plain unboiled small drop pinch of salt to taste the brine is not I changed and put boil boil
  • 10:48: about a minute brine about Capwell about one minute or while pouring pickle in a jar want share their one board Bank not to there is a burst a problem that you do not poured hot jam time owls and so etc. I always I use this taking necessary put metal spoon shelf
  • 11:18: so that it touching both walls that is, and that's the wall and now this wall just like that put it useless and it is necessary to me to Then she came to takes part boiling water on himself as if and the bank never treskavica use always the reception and never one bank I have not burst and then we pour the brine can be Of course ladle but it is to fill tend to last longer get so neatly falling under on a spoon
  • 11:49: believe me it is a very well tested reception made up to the top of so as not to It would result in air spoon carefully if some warbler her It can be a question accept and take sterilized cover which is boiling water
  • 12:19: that is, the lid should It was to be hold implemented in advance We roll up machine at one which I have use of such old tested I will conjecture sealed bank and turn over and so
  • 12:51: to cool down but I remains upside-down thus it is possible see whether we leaks here to check for in the tightness because that cover too are not always good quality is lets just make sure we rolled very sealed after as the bank has cooled it can be removed at the the place where it will be be stored in a warm site course no seaming can not be stored in
  • 13:21: pantry in the apartment such a bank with this recipe can stored safely 23 of the year so that all Bon Appetit I hope my recipe it will appeal to many my favourite pickling recipe if cucumbers I liked my video put the huskies subscribe to my the yield on the channel garden with you was Tatiana all in all all good Bon Appetit and all bye bye