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Weaver's knot 3 ways of setting. Imperceptible knot when knitting  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day today I show you how perform weaving knot the knot is often used to factories to to join loose ends yarn remarkable This node is the fact that the tips of the strands You can crop and This node will not untied it assembly great thin filaments which he almost invisible example But on this sample I I have joined with nicknames weaving node via four times as the see find any compound
  • 00:30: here quite It must be very difficult invested heavily it can even their is not seen take two tip yarn which we need to associate the tip of which It is on the right put his hand on the which is located in Left like this Now manner tip Orange wrong which lies on top we have to throw down up around the 2 strands of the which lies below
  • 01:01: that's the way Now we will work with the tips of the filaments we take over tip drowning that we lay top me something orange thread and her a B C entwine it around the tip of the left and the yarn and that's the way tighten the knot all should be tightened firmly and so delayed
  • 01:31: Now the ends of the thread can be cut take this for scissors like this safely cut off the tips of if you are still afraid that your nodule may then we can come loose take advantage of tiny droplets glue moment Agil check knot on strength as you can see he is very strong 1 does not take the tip of the fold it here a loop stick to it
  • 02:02: take fingers 2 and the tip of the thread it is passed into the loop bottom-up now this tip us must skip a loop so hold here fingers to strings nowhere ramped up and now the tip orange found skipping between this and this thread in here threaded tip right tip
  • 02:33: orange thread and tighten the knot and circumcised tips thread here ready to take unit 1 thread tip fold it loop so that thread tip lying us on the working thread take the second tip
  • 03:04: the tip of the other filament hold his first a loop and then over loop and under workers Now we have nothing paving it over 1 tip and thread Again we plant in the loop and here he is with us to pass over loop we print it out of the loop and tighten knot tightly knot to tighten and cut the thread