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Than and how to grease the Bulgarian. Greasing for eternal work angular shlif-machines.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello guys Today I will tell of own lot experience than you need lubricated gearbox polishers vulgar Bulgarian for full long-term use when heavy loads long-term many hours on it target its application bent on I've got such a sander
  • 00:31: Russian production remember only that the power of 2 and 2 kilowatts manufacturer manufacturer and not remember who made a then already part of kir yes actually learn not so important 14 years I already I take this sander for these years, she has seen many buildings repairs
  • 01:02: I have cut a lot of metal wood and brick paving slabs and Other just here states and the Crimea era repeatedly is repaired repair itself electric motor reducer for now you show before analyzing car do not forget turn it on power reducer her how
  • 02:31: new in great condition but as lubricant on the protein not required in avoid falling her through the gland motor and also avoid gearbox overheating and with a large and the amount of lubricant is It has a liquid consistency is good and spreads great lubricates the gears that provides debt smoothly
  • 03:01: explosion without repair working machines and now a black box rather it is the judge metal can Bank square with
  • 03:31: star yet Soviet produce it It got me inherited from his father in which is 158 Grease blue This lubricant oil oil launched children at VAC Aliyev
  • 04:02: soap acids castor oil, and rosin contains antioxidant hydrochloric additive and in the train main operational characteristics lubrication is good oxidative mechanical stability and anti characteristics satisfactory water resistance operable at temperatures from minus 30 to plus one hundred and ten
  • 04:32: degrees apply roller bearings road transport equipment needle bearing universal joints are not constant angular speed way bearings at this lubrication grease comes in very long satisfied on a personal in my experience seven front Hub bearings
  • 05:02: hazhivali 100 thousand easily but it is delat and amateur young Well, that's the secret to Basically all that I wanted to tell bye Comment will subscribe a lot of interesting video